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Long Distance Relationship decoration ideas

Hi All,

Along with our wedding being held in a museum, I've been trying to think of ways to bring in personal touches to the reception decorations. We cannot hang anything on the walls, but I've been brainstorming about ideas that play up the fact my fiance and I have been in a long distance relationship for the past 3 years. He's in Dallas, I'm in Chicago and we're getting married in Michigan. So maybe something with states being table numbers, etc.

Any  creative ideas? 

Re: Long Distance Relationship decoration ideas

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    Museum wedding, that's awesome! 

    This sounds like a cool theme, you could do a lot with it. Maybe place cards that look like license plates, or have some kind of flowers-made-of-atlases centerpiece. I really like your state table name idea, too. If you have any kind of old suitcase you might be able to convert it to a cooler or use it to hold favors. You could make directional signs (to the bathrooms or whatever) that look like street signs. If you're putting out individual menus they could look like maps or something. 

    Good luck, I love this idea!
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    Something involving airplanes, trains, cars, etc. (however you got back and forth to see each other).

    You could do table numbers with texas cities and illinois cities for all the guests, with your table being the city in Michigan where you're getting married.

    All you having a photo booth? You could have travel themed props for pictures.

    Sounds like a great theme - good luck putting it all together!
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