Practical Questions....Stressing

Ok Ladies...My wedding is 8 days away and I feel like I am stressing over everything.  I have a couple of practical questions for you guys that may help ease my mind.

I am getting ready at do I just leave my dress unbustled on the way to the church?  I am afraid I will get dirty or wrinkled? Am I worried about nothing?    

Also, how early did you get to the church prior to the start of the ceremony?  Is 30 minutes enough time?  

Also, anyone know of an indoor photo location in the south hills if it rains I have no backup plan?

Thanks Girls!  This board has helped me a ton along the way  :)

Re: Practical Questions....Stressing

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    Hi there! Congrats on being so close! I just got married Saturday and my photographer suggested not bustling in the car. She said it could snap. I forgot after the ceremony and it did beak in the car. So if I were you, I wouldn't bustle. Are you doing a first look? If so I would get to the church early. We got there 50 minutes early and people were already starting to come. Hope I helped and good luck :-)
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    Hello! i am getting married the day after you!  Hadn't thought about the bustle thing.. thanks for bringing that up!!

    As for getting to the church - Our ceremony starts at 4 and i'm planning to get pickd up at 245 - getting me to the church at 3. So an hour early. I basically do not want to run into anyone prior to the wedding and i can't handle being late to anything so this will help me keep myself sane!

    no help with south hills area  - sorry!

    Goodluck with you last bit of planning!

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    Congratulations and good luck!!  I'm sure everything will work out wonderfully.

    I was just in a wedding and we didnt bustle the dress in transport.  it can wrinkle while in the bustle as well... I would just leave it.

     no help on the other things... I would have thought 30 min was ok.  I guess it depends on how much you care about no one seeing you prior to the wedding and how your church is set up (back entrance or something that would let you get in without guests seeing).
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    First off, congrats on being so close!

    I don't know where for sure I will be getting ready, but I know I want to be at the church early enough that no one is in there for me to take few pictures of me in the church when it's empty and decorated before the ceremony. I can also take pics with me and the family or me and my bridesmaids. This will cut down on some pictures after the ceremony (my FI and I are still planning on not seeing each other until the ceremony).

    As for the train, definitely don't bustle. It will wrinkle. I may get completely ready somewhere else, but put my dress on at the church and bring a steamer with us just in case it does get wrinkled. If you get there 30 to 45 minutes before the service you do have a chance to steam the dress if it does get wrinkled in the car (steamer are under $40 bucks at Target, and I love mine :-) . You could still steam the train while you have the dress on (just be careful with it).

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    Your dress should have one of those ribbons to throw it on your wrist or for someone (your MOH?) to hold so that it keeps the dress off of the floor. We did pictures before and didn't bustle the dress until after the ceremony. My MOH, or one of the GM's, would just pick it up (though it wasn't very long, so that helped).

    I arrived at the venue at about 430ish for our 5pm ceremony. I touched up my makeup, fretted and got in line at 4:50pm.

    Good luck!

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    Congrats! try not to sweat the small stuff...i know its nearly impossible but everything will come together!  i got ready at home as well...but i put on my dress at the church in fear of it getting dirty or torn on the car ride there.  i got to the church at 11:30 for a 2pm ceremony, but we took a lot of pictures beforehand.  people will show up early so keep that in mind too
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    Congrats on being soooo close! :)

    All of the ladies before me have given you the advice you've asked for.  I think something to keep in mind is that no matter what happens, you will be marrying the man of your dreams and at the end of the day, he'll be your husband. 

    Try not to let the little things stress you out right now.  Everything will work out and you will look amazing.
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    All previous advice stands true!  My dress has the "loopy" handle under the train.  FSIL had her "loopy" attached to an inconspicuous bead on the train, so that when she pulled the bead, the "loopy" came up to the top of the train.  This way, the top of the train would be seen instead of the underside of your dress (hopefully that makes some kind of sense!).

    Where exactly will you be in the South Hills?  I think my rain plans are going to just be photos in the church for now.  What about under a pavilion at South Park?  I'm thinking of "covered" places right now as opposed to "indoor" places.  What about inside the lobby of a nice hotel?


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    My dress had one of the ribbons to use on my wrist, however I just folded it up over my arm, it worked best that way. I wouldn't recommend bustling it bc it will wrinkle.

    Our ceremony was at 4pm and we arrived at 2:45. I wanted to be there before guests starting arriving. We got dropped off first, then the limo went back for the guys.
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    I forgot to say good luck :) Enjoy every minute of it!
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    map - have you asked your photographer about indoor photo sites? they might have some good suggestions...

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    It isn't exactly in the south hills, or even covered, but you could always take pictures under the arches of the Pennsylvanian downtown in case of rain.  You could also use the lobby of the Omni!  
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    Thanks girls for all of the advice!  I will definitely not bustle before the church  :)

    Our photographer did not have many suggestions for indoor pictures that weren't downtown, and with our timeline downtown is not really an option.  Under a pavilion in southpark could be cool even if there were rain.  

    I am so excited and I know it is getting close for alot of other ladies!

    DBPSU-Good luck!  You are now in the ten day forcast as well and things are looking good!!
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