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How Did You Decide on Where to Register for Various Items

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So FI and I are going to register at BBB and Macys, as well as one other place for some knick-knacks and other pieces for our home.  How did you ladies decided on what to register for at which store?  Did you ladies base it on price or name brand?  I don't want to register for duplicates for obvious reasons.  FI and I have to register for pretty much everything since we will be moving into our new place pretty much empty handed, so there is a lot we need to register for.

Thanks in advance ladies!

ETA:  sorry for the double post.  New layout made it very confusing!

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Re: How Did You Decide on Where to Register for Various Items

  • I registered at Macy's, Williams-Sonoma, and Tiffany.  I picked Tiffany (crystal and silver), he picked Williams-Sonoma (knives and grilling) and we picked Macy's together (lots of household items, locations convenient for family and friends who want to pick stuff out in person).  We registered for the stuff we liked best (so only the one breadmaker we really want), but a variety of items at different price points (inexpensive items like Pyrex food storage as well as the more expensive pots and silver). 

    Since I still live with my parents and he never bought many household items after his divorce, we don't have many of these items either - it can be a little overwhelming.

  • We only registered at BB&B.  We didn't have a super big registry, so more than one was really not necessary.  We selected BB&B because most people are near one and they have coupons.  We picked items in different price points.   I did a lot of research on the items we registered for and relied heavily on user reviews to make decisions. 
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    We registered at Macy's for our expensive items to get the rewards.  We have a rewards coming that's around $200 from their rewards program.  We registered at pottery barn for linens that we really liked, WS for obscure kitchen gadgets we've always really wanted, and a local china shop in my hometown because everybody in my circle registers there for guests' convenience.  Macy's was a big hit - we got about 95% of our items, even after we added stuff.
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  • Our main registry is at BBB, because they have most of the things that we wanted, like our casual china. However, there is a bedding set that I really like at Target, so I started a small registry there too and added a few other things that we don't have at BBB.
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  • We registered at Macy's in the US and The Bay in Canada (we have about equal amounts of family in both countries) just so we'd have a brick and mortar store for anybody who didn't want to go online (older family, traditionalists, etc) We also did an online registry that (bracing for the negative etiquette responses this will get) will essentially give us cash for "experience type" presents (tickets to shows, admission to parks, etc) and also to help us save for a home. One side of our new family has a "cash always fits" gift-giving policy, but they sometimes aren't sure how to give gift cards or whatever to us that we can use in Canada, and the other side really likes to give actual physical things, so we wanted to make sure everyone had whatever made them feel comfortable!
    I will admit that I was frustrated that even stores which exist in Canada and the US don't allow a cross-border registry. So we had to be really careful not to duplicate items from one registry to the other, while making sure that we had gifts in all pricepoints and categories on both. It would have been so much easier to register once and have it work in either country!
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     We registered at Sears & Home Outfitters. Two stores that carry a bit of everything you might need in a home. Kitchen items & appliances, furniture, electronics, home decor, bathroom etc etc. We chose these two stores because our families are split local, and out of town, and both stores are common in most cities in Canada. We were able to register for all of the items we wanted, and both stores were easily accessible to guests. :) 
  • So we decided with BBB and Macy's.  Might add another, not too sure.  We basically did mostly everything at Macy's so far and the misc items kitchen items (that Macy's didn't have), towels, and sheets at BBB.  We have plenty of time to add items and go through everything.  We registered because family and friends were starting to ask, so we figured lets start them this way if people want to get a jump start they can without worries.

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  • I started by finding a set of dinnerware that we both really loved.  That happened to be at Sur La Table, so we are registered there, even though it is not one of the more common stores.  I then added BBB (they do have a little bit of everything!) So I would start by asking, which items are the most important to you?  Do you really really want a particular set of bedding, or towels, or cookware?  Find the place that has the stuff you really want in your #1 category, even if they don't have too much else that you want, and start there.  There are plenty of department-type stores you can pick to fill in the rest.  Good luck!
  • So we decided to take everything off our BBB registry, bad customer service left us not wanting to deal with them at all so we decided that Macy's will be our main registry and then we are going to use Crate and Barrel as a secondary.  Not as many items but still enough to give our guests options.

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  • If it was two of the same item- price. 

    We registered at BBB, Macy's and Williams-Sonoma. The majority of the gifts are registered at BBB. Our pots, pans and silverware are registered at Williams-Sonoma and then a few household items are at Macy's. If I did it all over again, I don't think I would register at Macy's. BBB has the best price usually.
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