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April 2013 Weddings

Pro Pics and Recap

Day Before: It poured rain and I was so worried that it would be that way on the wedding day. I had to run to 3 different stores looking for enough flowers of the same color, come home drenched. I got most of our stuff together and got in a cab to go to my parents hotel room, ends up taking 45 minutes longer than it usually does. So, I ended up having to send my mom to go pick up my dress from the alterations shop which is a big deal since she never does anything alone and kept insisting she was going to get mugged while in a cab a block from Times Square on a Friday afternoon. I get to their hotel hang out with my dad a bit until my maid of honor shows up with her things. My mom makes it back in one piece and MOH and I hop in another cab to get back to my apartment where we held our rehearsal. Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner go smoothly and the girls and I spent an hour or so drinking wine and putting the flowers together. 

Day of: I wake up at 4:30am for no apparent reason and take a nice long bubble bath with a good book, took the dog for a long walk and was greatly comforted by the beautiful weather. I picked up some bagels and went to my parents hotel room. The morning went really smoothly everyone showed up on time. I'm so glad we did a first look, it calmed me down so much. We got all our pictures done before the ceremony. So many random people took pictures of us, it was kind of weird but our photographers were really good at crowd control. Our ceremony was great and I'm so glad we had our friend officiate he did a really good job. I got a beer spilled on me 5 minutes into our reception but it wasn't a big deal. I feel a bit bad for the waiter because I'm sure he got yelled at. Our food was great, we went to a bar afterward and hung out.

Honeymoon: We had so much fun. Perfect weather every day but one. We got some pro pictures taken there too since we didn't get engagment pics. All in all I don't think the whole thing could have gone any better.
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