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MOH dilemma.

Hi! I'm fairly new to The Knot. I signed up a few months ago but today is the first time I've really looked around.

Anyways, back story. When my fiance and I first got engaged, nobody was none too happy about it (we were 18 and people had been spreading nasty rumors about my fiance since he had a tough life when he was younger) Anyways my best friend (who lived out of state and hadn't even met my fiance) called me up and said that there was no way she could be in my wedding because my parents didn't approve. After that we didn't really talk much for about 2 years. Mine and my fiance's relationship ended and then we ended up rekindling things a few months later. My parents are now divorced. My mom is now ok with us being together and I have no contact whatsoever with my father. 
We've since had a baby together and are now in the process of planning our wedding...again. I told my little sister that she could be my MOH because she has supported us being together when no one else did. Over the past year my best friend and I have reconnected and she has apologized several times for her behavior towards us. I asked her if she would like to be in my wedding and she said yes. 
My little sister will almost be 15 when we get married, so she can't really do any of the normal MOH stuff. But I don't really want to tell my friend that she can be MOH even though we are reconciled. 

So what would you do??

Re: MOH dilemma.

  • I would have your sister your MOH and if you want the friend to be in it have her as a bridesmaid. The bridesmaids should want to help with things your sister may not be able to do. Honestly, your sister has been supportive and your wedding is a great time to display that!
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  • I agree completely with ahende04.... but I will say, that if you want them both to have "special titles", you can do something like what I am doing.... My daughter, who is 17, or 18 by the wedding, who has no job and no money for the MOH duties, wants to be a "MOH", which I wanted too but I also have my best friend of 24 years.... Now I could have easily asked my friend of forever to be a bridesmaid for the sake of my daughter but I needed them both to feel special and stand out-- so my daughter will be my "Maiden of Honor" and still stand next to me... and my friend will be my "Maid of Honor".... both feeling really special..... They love it!

    Just a thought.....

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  • oh I really like that idea zgenous! I never thought of that! I think i might just do that!! Thanks! <3
  • Another option is to give neither a specific title (just keep them all as equals) but then give each their own task to feel special in some way.  That is what I am doing with my bridesmaids and they all agreed with my decision.  So one girl gets to stand by my side for the ceremony while another makes the toast and the third is my go-to party planner!  If you're choosing people who really want to help make your day special they will understand!  Good luck!
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