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People assuming they are invited?


Re: People assuming they are invited?

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    When we have people ask us about our wedding date I always answer vaguely like "Fall 2014" or "November 2014". It really depends on of the person is a definite no or if they are someone on the list but in the possible to cut. I was dreading my sister's baby shower because she had included all of my dad's side of the family and none of them are on the list. I knew that others would ask about the wedding because my FMIL was at the shower and I did not want to talk about the wedding with others around. Thankfully no one from my family came, they hate spending money on others, but it did get awkward when some of my sister's friends were still around when questions were asked.

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    Ahhhh...StephJean83...thats a great idea!!!! I will have to try that one!!!

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    I was over my sister's house and mentioned that I had started to look for ideas for a wedding dress.  her friend and her husband (who were there) decided to invite themselves.  I just repeated that I was just starting to look for ideas for dresses then immediately went in for the bean dip!
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