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Credit Card use in Mexico


So it has been quite a while since I traveled out of the country.  I plan to take cash however we will also have a credit card in case of an emergency.  Will we encounter any issues using our Credit Card?


Re: Credit Card use in Mexico

  • I always use credit cards while traveling out-of-the country.   Make sure you check your card, some have higher conversion fees than others.

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  • Great suggestion, will do for sure. 
  • We were just in Cancun the beginning of April (our second time). Call you credit card company as well as you bank/banks and let them know where you are going and your travel dates. This way, your cards will not get "locked out" should you try to make a purchase with them.

    Also, although USD is accepted we found it much easier to change out to peso. We did it right in our resorts lobby but if your resort does not do it you can go to any bank.

    I have two reviews and a lot if pis in the link above my siggy pic (reviews are not just about the resort but also the excursions we went on). I also have a section on travel tips that you may find useful as well as a downloadable customizable packing list.

  • notify your bank/comany via email as to the dates you may use the card. be sure to know if there are any fees associated with international use.

    you can get pesos out of an ATM too. we always doe.

    for the 11 years we've been going (13 trips now I guess) we've never had an issue (knock on wood) aside of someplace not accepting amex (our preffered card) but we always have a visa back up too.


  • I've never had issues, but I always call my bank first.  Otherwise they may flag your charges or even turn off your card dependin on what their fraud practices are like.

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    We used ours in China with no problem.  Call your bank to see what the conversion fees are going to be.  Some CC's are outrageous with fees.  We used a Capital one card that did not charge any conversion fees.
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  • Like others have said, contact your CC company to let them know where you are traveling.  We've gotten a card locked for thought of fraud more than once in Mexico.

    Also, at least in resort areas, everyone has portable scanners.  They should be swipping your card at your table.  If not, don't feel bad asking to watch them swipe your card.  This stops someone from swipping your card in another machine and storing the number for future use.

  • In addition to contacting your bank to notify them you'll be in Mexico and asking what their exchange rate is; also after if they will charge foriegn transaction fees.  Some CCs don't; but there are several that charge anywhere from 3-10% of the purchase price.

  • I would recommend putting as much as you can on your credit card.  You can dispute charges if necessary. I love the Capital One card because they don't charge a foriegn transaction fee.  You will likely save money in fees if you take money out of an ATM that is at a bank or NOT in a hotel or airport.  But sometimes the convience is necessary.  American money is often accepted.  We took a bunch of $1 bills for tipping and went through them quickly. 

    Another tip is that if they offer to charge you in dollars say "no".  Always charge it in the currency of the country you are in.  There are often hidden fees associated with charging it in dollars.  Tourists get sucked by this all the time.  Just do the conversion in your head or use an app on your phone. 

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