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Question: Is it weird to have lyrics with a song when you walk down the aisle?

Yesterday, my fiancee and I were driving to dinner when the song I had chosen to walk down the aisle to for our wedding next summer, came on. It is the acoustic version of "Marry Me" by Train. I got super excited and told him "This is the song I'm walking down the aisle to!" and the expression on his face was sheer confusion. Turns out, he has never been to a wedding with lyrics playing when the bride comes down the aisle and thought it was weird. I absolutely love the lyrics and they're the reason I picked the song...

Is it weird to have a song with lyrics play when you walk down the aisle? Or is he just really traditional?

Re: Question: Is it weird to have lyrics with a song when you walk down the aisle?

  • pends123pends123 member
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    I don't think it's weird at all.  I plan on simply playing a song on a CD/iPod for the processional.  I've never been to a wedding where they had lyrics playing, but I haven't been to many weddings and have seen a lot of forums and articles about it so I'm thinking we're okay :)

    ETA: Scratch that -- I sang with my a cappella group at a wedding last August and they had two guys sing live for the ceremony (I Will by The Beatles).  It was beautiful.

  • itzMSitzMS member
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    No, it's not necessarily weird. If you are getting married in a church, it might not be allowed though.
  • Its a chapel but the owner of the venue seemed to love the idea...
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    I would go for it! Our BP is walking down to Over the Rainbow/What a Beautiful World by IZ. I love Merry Me, I think it would be a beautiful song for you. I am walking down to Canon in D but only because I've always pictured myself walking down to that.
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  • See, I considered that too because I also love Canon in D but everytime I hear "Marry Me" I get butterflies and my heart flutters. So I think I'm doing the reverse. I think my BP is entering to Canon in D and then I'm going to enter with that acoustic version...

    I just don't know if it's going to throw everyone off and be "weird" instead of sweet...

    Here is the version. If I stick with it, it will only be like the first verse and chorus...

  • Go for it!







  • mstormstor member
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    I have been to a wedding where the bride walked down with lyrics. It was beautiful and everyone loved it! I now plan to do this at my wedding. Go for it!!!!!
  • That is what I am walking down the aisle to in 15 days!  Good Choice :)

  • SBminiSBmini member
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    Is it untraditional? Yes. Is it weird? Absolutely not! You are not the first person I have heard of to use that song for walking down the aisle. I know for a fact I do not want Cannon in D or any "normal" song to play when I walk down the aisle. I'm thinking friend with an acoustic guitar playing something like "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty. 
  • Love that song! Perfect on to walk down the aisle to. I walked to Lovely Day by Bill Withers, dh picked it because he loves the lyrics. It wouldn't have been the same with no words!
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  • Canon in D always makes me bawl like a lil school girl, lol. I love "Marry Me"- what a great song! It's perfect :)
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  • I'm marrying in a church, and will be walking down to a traditional Catholic hymn, with vocals/lyrics and everything.  I don't think it's weird at all.

  • I hope not because that is the same song i have chosen to walk with. 
  • ::sqeeee::
    I walked to marry me. My musicians used an acoustic guitar and female vocals. It was so beautiful!

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  • That will be beautiful. Our processional is also a song with lyrics and will be played over the sound system.
  • Not weird at all.

    I'm using an acoustic/fingerstyle version of Rainbow Connection for my BMs, and Edie Reader singing "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" for my processional.

    And I think Marry Me is also a lovely choice. I, for one, have attended a lot of weddings, and always like to see something that reflects the couple's style.
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  • I think I'm going to do Brad Paisley's "She's Everything (To Me)". It fits us so perfectly. My cousin walked to "Waitin' On A Woman" by Brad Paisley, it was changed to that at the last second (The original choice was Marry Me) because she was 15 minutes late walking down the aisle. She couldn't stop laughing the whole way!
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  • It doesn't sound weird to me, but I would check with your church to find out if the music and lyrics pass their muster.  Some have restrictions about what music and lyrics are okay.
  • Not at all!  I'm walking to a song with lyrics too!  I was also at a wedding where the processional was "Take My Breath Away" and everyone thought it was so cool!
  •  I think that walking down the aisle to a song of your choice is a great personal touch and speaks volumes to your personality! My sister is walking down the aisle to this Ben Harper song: 

    Not Fire Not Ice
    There is not a river wide. 
    Not a mountain high. 
    And neither sin nor evil. 
    Could change how I feel inside. 
    Could change how I feel inside. 

    Not all the strength of the ocean. 
    Not all the heat from the sun, from the sun. 
    Now, others have tried, I just can't deny. 
    For me you are the one. 
    For me you are the one. 

    The true love is priceless. 
    For true love you pay a price. 
    But there's nothing can keep me from loving you. 
    Not fire, no not ice. 
    Not fire, no not ice. 

    Like a hero or a champion. 
    You are the best, you're the best. 
    Like religion or superstition. 
    With you I am blessed. 
    With you I am blessed. 

    Now the river may grow wider. 
    The mountain may reach past the sky. 
    And whether or not you feel the same. 
    My love shall never die. 
    My love shall never die. 

    The true love you give and take. 
    The true love is sacrifice. 
    But there's nothing can keep me from loving you. 
    Not fire, no not ice. 
    Not fire, no not ice. 
    Not fire, no not ice.

  • My groom and his party are entering to "Marry Me." The bridesmaids and I will enter to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. Still looking for a song for our moms' entrance. Leaning toward "The Prayer" by Celine Dion and Josh Grobin. Recessional is "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. First dance is "Answer to My Prayer" by Skip Ewing. We're nothing if not eclectic!

    All are recordings by the artists listed, nothing live.

  • I say go for it! My friend is walking down the aisle to Cinderella's "So this is love", it'll be great :)
  • I don't think it's weird.  Enjoy!
  • I am using Bound to you by Christina Aguilera, go for it.

    Live fast, die young. Bad Girls do it well. Suki Zuki.

  • I think it is a great idea...My whole BP and I are walking to the song "whatever it is" by zac brown.

    Also, we are going to have a bunch of different songs playing before the ceremony - It was the only way I could convince my FH to let me have a decent amount of country music at our wedding.

    Weddings are for you and your FH - so do what makes you both happy.

  • Now I want lyrics...and I want it to be The Rainbow Connection (in case you don't know it or need a reminder: Kermit clip...though I've usually heard it cut halfway).  But kinda doubt FI would go with it
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  • AiletaAileta member
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    i was going to do the cannon in d remix by ronald jenkees and no one liked that idea even though i was dead set on it.  so i have changed it and i am going to have my bridal party dance down the aisle as a surprise to  a different song wiht lyrics. which my mom and the people that are in on the secret think its a cute idea. i don't think songs with words are bad and if you want your song without words just google for string instrumental covers. i love the aston music cover of viva la vida by coldplay.
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