Reception only invite

my Fiance is super not so spotlight type guy so I completely understand wanting the ceremony being only family but we want to involve a lot of people with our celebration - is it tacky to invite people only to a party/reception afterward?  and should it be something that we still show up in what we wore to the ceremony or should it be more casual>?

Re: Reception only invite

  • I have been to several weddings where this was the case. Not tacky at all!
  • nope not tacky! Make it however you want. When it comes to how you should dress, i think if the reception is immediatley after the ceremony then you should wear what you had been wearing, im sure everyone wants to see you in the gown! but if its going to be a day or two after, I would just dress in something classy but casual that will still make the both of you stand out.
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