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Prepare/Enrich Counsellor Suggestions?

My fiance and I have been scrabbling to locate someone who can take us through the Prepare/Enrich premarital counseling program, with no success. His best man is an ordained minister (we are NOT using him as a counselor because, weird) and was initially happy to suggest some people he knew. Unfortunately, one just lost her father and is unavailable and the other is not responding. With that in mind, can anyone recommend someone to us?

 -- must be part of Prepare/Enrich
 -- preferably Episcopal or Methodist
 -- preferably someone who is/has been married so they know what they're talking about


Re: Prepare/Enrich Counsellor Suggestions?

  • I'm glad you asked this!  I worked at our church for 10 years so I know our pastor very well.  I think it would be better to do some of the premarital stuff with someone new to both my fiance and I.  There is one person who advertises on the Knot (The Engagement Coach) and she has great reviews.  I plan to contact her next week......but I'll be watching this thread as well! 
  • http://www.mytietheknot.com/Premarital-Counseling.html  She's my co-worker and she does counseling at a school!  She works with the program and started her officiant business with her husband!
  • As a quick update, we went with Max Richter of Community United Methodist Church. He was a very kind and professional individual, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much we benefited from the experience. Would recommend!
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