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It's Friday!!!


So rest day saw a little more activity than planned bc Smushy took foreverrrr on her walks.  Normally she's pretty quick, but I ended up on two almost 40 minute walks while she was throwing temper tantrums every few minutes.

Did day seven of 30ds level three this AM.  I will be super happy to be finished with it on Sunday, but have no clue what I'm going to do next week, as it's just one week between ending that and friend's wedding.  Food should be good but a tiny bit over today because we'll have a snack at the movies tonight.

What is everyone up to this weekend?  H is dragging me to Fast and the Furious tonight, tomorrow I'll hit the farmer's market, Sunday we're bbq'ing with friends (and mom has asked me to make an ice cream cake so that will be a dangerous food day), and Monday H and I are relaxing at home.  We pulled one of those days where we've told everyone we're doing something different with other people so that we can hide inside in peace and quiet :)  We'll need it before next weekend...


Re: Friday Accountability

  • Smart move to get some peace and quiet! Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. We have the annual teacher's retirement dinner tomorrow night, and while neither of us are retiring, we're both on the executive of the planning organization...

    If everything stays status quo (and I can't see why it wouldn't), my calorie intake this week indicates that I should lose two lbs this week. But have I? Nope. The friend of the half pound is gone again, but I'm right back at my re-re-re-re (you get the idea) starting point. Again. At least it isn't up again, I suppose.

    SOOOOO glad it's Friday.

    (And I spent all evening trying to upload pics of my wedding flowers for you, @Lobsters25, but my crappy-net wouldn't allow it. Two weeks 'til real internet!)
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  • bahhhh I want to see flowers!!!
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    Morning! Yay Friday, thank effing god. 

    Yesterday was not so good, maybe, I don't know. I ran 4 miles of HIIT in the morning. I've kind of reverted back to an old habit of once a day eating. Mostly unintentionally even. I just don't know what's going on with me. I didn't eat until 5pm last night. I know it's bad, I just don't know. And what I did finally eat was not good. Pizza and cake. Delicious, but not good.

    Today I skipped my workout. I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't quite get myself there. It's cold and pouring outside and I just didn't want to. I forgot about some stuff I need for work first thing this morning, so that's what I'm working on now instead. Sigh. Just three more work days. I can do this. *insert self pep talk here*

    This weekend is b-party bonanza. We're doing a co-ed night tonight at our house that includes seeing the hangover, dinner, and some games and drinking. Tomorrow all the boys go to Cooperstown for baseball things and bar hopping and my girls have some day stuff planned then out drinking. Sunday we're doing a wine tour. Then FI and I are both off on Monday so we have some serious house work and cleaning in our sights for then.

    Oh thank goodness it's Friday. 
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  • @lobsters25 thanks for that pic it's perfect for today! So the work shower was really fun!! They set up 2 games and I got lots of really nice gifts. Wish I could stay home and unpack/play with them :) I stayed somewhat in control w real food all day but then treated myself to some cookies/cake for dessert there. I was over calories but still lost .8 this week which I'm thrilled about because that's three weeks in a row losing! This morning I did p90x core synergistics and later I may try to run, but FI is off so I might not. This weekend looks like crappy weather but we have my sisters birthday dinner Saturday and then a barbecue Sunday. Should be fun (and challenging with food/drink!) Happy Friday everyone!
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  • @Lobsters - that is clever! I hope you're able to relax as much as you want to this weekend.

    @CNF - Your bachelorette weekend sounds amazing! Snap a few photos to share with us :)

    Good morning everyone. Like all of you I'm thrilled it's Friday!

    Yesterday was another EH kind of day. No afternoon walk, but I did make it to the gym and did 45 minutes of running/walking on the treadmill. I then made myself do weightlifting on 6 different machines (thank god for the Monthly challenges or I would totally be skipping running AND weightlifting).

    My calories for the day came in at about maintenance because of all the junk I ate throughout the day. Less than 4 feet from my desk there was a mountain of treats for the entire pretty much every time I walked by I helped myself to a tiny bit...but that tiny bit added up.

    There are a bunch of treats left on my co-workers now empty desk, but I'm determined to be better today. I don't want to keep feeling like I'm slipping!

    As for weekend plans, nothing solid yet, but I know DH wants to go see the new Star Trek movie at some point. We also want to bike a local trail from our city to another city about 10 miles away and eat at that cities local brewery then bike back. At some point we'll also be grilling (of course). I also have a bunch of freelance stuff I have to get to this weekend - it's amazing how stuff piles up. I'd love nothing more than to have a relaxing weekend but I have a feeling I'll be running around the whole time.
  • Good morning, and happy Friday!

    @cnf - enjoy your bachelorette! Definitely try and eat at least before the drinking starts to soak up some alcohol ;) and have fun!
    @lobsters - enjoy your relaxing weekend, that sounds like a strategy I need to try!
    @entropic - I hear you on the treats at work.Self control slowly goes down the longer you have to look at treats!

    Yesterday was pretty good, food-wise. Two separate people at work brought in timbits, of which I had a few, but I didn't end up eating an actual dinner - just a banana and some hummus and veggies - so calories came in just under plan. Exercise was frisbee practice which was... fun but COLD! It dropped down to 3 last night and rained the entire time, and I didn't even bring long pants (it was 17 when I left the house in the morning).

    Today is a rest day, tomorrow is a tournament all day, and Sunday I may drive down with FI to see the Crossfit Games in Toronto. Thank goodness it's almost the weekend!
  • Morning everyone!!

    Yesterday food was on track... even though I had a haagen daaz ice cream bar last night.

    Also made it to the gym with my friends. I decided to switch up my cardio workout and row for 10 minutes and then did the stair master for another ten. And worked on my legs for strength training.

    I think I'm going to try the 30 day ab challenge that I've seen on facebook. Doesn't look too hard but might give me a challenge.  

    Married as of June 22, 2013!!!

  • It's FRIDAY! My boss is out today so I can actually spend quality time reading the threads on here, lol. I work extra hard on Friday's obviously. 

    I am so excited for the weekend. FI was laid off a few days ago, so he has been home cleaning and cooking. Which is odd for me, but it's also pretty nice to come home to a clean apt. He has a new job lined up for next week, so that will be good.

    Food was good, better than I have been in a LONG time. The scale is down. I now have 20 pounds to drop in 3 months. I also tried on my dress, and it fits! It's a little snugger than I would like, but even if I didn't drop the 20, I would still look okay. So for now, 10 is my immediate goal. We booked plane tickets for honeymoon, so I'm also pretty happy about that.

    @lobsters25 Sounds like a busy weekend for you!

    @clovester I have never heard of such a thing! I might actually look into that now. 

    @CNF Have a wonderful bachelorette party!!! 

    @entropicbeauty You can do it! I passed up delicious breakfast snacks this morning, and I feel like I can do just about anything right now. I think I finally passed the stage where I know I can't have any falling of the wagon moments for a while. 
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  • @Lobster I love the gif.

    I had two days off the gym, and don't feel to guilty about it. Had a bit of a rough discussion with H, so now I am looking forward to visiting prayer at the local synagogue tomorrow morning. I have never been, but was invited, so I am way excited!
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    I've been eating well all week, but haven't worked out since Wednesday - I've been sick yesterday and today. The weather bouncing from the 80's  to the 60's isn't doing wonders for allergies and asthma :( Still down a pound, even with skipping 2 days, but I hate feeling like I'm stalling because I'm sick.

    Oh, and I chipped a goddamn front tooth today. Happy MDW to *me*.
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    Whew - Starting to feel a bit better.

    I did brickhouse yesterday evening, and my food was right on point. This morning I had every intention of going to HIT, but they changed the instructor for the day so I went to spin instead.
    Got an amazing workout - food has been good and I feel great. Now if only it wasn't memorial day weekend.

  • @smp87 - photossss! do share!!!
  • gorgeous!!!  where did you take them? the location looks beautiful!
  • that's crazy close to us! I may have to go exploring :)
  • Evening ladies-
    Yesterday was good, I switched and took a rest day yesterday instead of today.  I was STARVING yesterday all day though after my back to back to back workouts plus softball on Wednesday, but I still ended up right at cals for the day despite my wanting to eat everything in sight.  I did day 4 of level 1 of 30ds after work today, it was a long day, I was glad to get it in and done and over with.  Tomorrow we have Fi's cousin's grad party, Sunday we are driving to DC to go see the Phils take on the Nationals, and thank goodness Monday is a day off with no plans, we are going to need it.  Have a nice weekend everyone!
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