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Intro! I guess I should...


Re: Intro! I guess I should...

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    lol it doesn't sound too bad.  May be the sangria would be better if it had fruit in it


  • Oh okay, haven't heard of them. :)
  • @dixie7701- Your puppies are precious! I have two goldens and they are the sweetest dogs. I love them.
  • @Hollister - Jenny is the most neurotic dog ever! She never walks into a room like a normal dog. She will peek her head in to scope things out then turn around and BACK into a room. It's almost as if she's afraid something is going to follow her in. It's the funniest thing ever. She is a great dog though.
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    @dixie7701 OMG your dogs! So cute! Our adopted golden Cheyenne really resembles your pup.

    My parents have two neurotic goldens. They both grin when they've been naughty and do a host of other weird things. Must be a breed trait hahaha. They are great dogs though, I don't know if I could ever own another dog.

    Anyway welcome to the board!

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