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Hi, I'm new to the boards...I'm recently engaged and planning a wedding for may 2014 for max of 100 guests. We want an outdoor wedding and reception, with an indoor available in case of inclement weather. We are looking for something in the canton/ Ann Arbor/ Bloomfield areas. Having both ceremony and reception in the same place is important, and looking at a 4000-5000 dollar budget. Any help or suggestions are appreciated since I'm so new to this!! Thanks

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    Congats on your engagement and welcome to the board!

    I'm going to recommend the venue where I got married, Greenmead Village in Livonia. It's at the intersection of Newburgh Rd and 8 Mile, just off I-275. Not exactly in the areas you mention, but close. It's an historic village similar to Greenfield Village but smaller. It's a public park run by the city of Livonia, they have a chapel and lovely old home turned into a banquet facility. They will allow you to use the grounds if you want a tent. I believe you'd have to pay for the use of both the chapel and banquet facility in advance if you are using them as backup. I'm guessing the use of the facilities for a non-Livonia resident is about $1000-$1200. We got married there in August 2011, my husband was a resident and the rates were a little less.

    They have picnic tables you can use outdoors and set up outdoors or under the tent. If you use their banquet building, they have tables and chairs for free. The chapel is non-denominational, you bring in your own officiant. We used the chapel and banquet facility, their tables & chairs & dancefloor, brought in our own caterer (who supplied everything, ie linens, glasses, plates & utensils) and our own alcohol & bartender. You could definitely find someone to do this for less than $4000, plus the use of the grounds.

    If you want to see pictures, go to my bio below. There is a "vendors" link on my main page with their contact info, and the "photo" link will take you to pictures of our engagement session taken on the grounds the fall prior to our wedding, as well as the wedding pictures on the grounds, in the chapel and in their banquet facility.

    You can also look at the top post on this board with a push-pin that says "Vendors". Not many brides have opted for outdoor facilities but there may be a few. It's tough to find a facility with outdoor access and indoor possibilities.

    Good luck. We look forward to hearing all your plans.

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    I will definitely look into your venue! I was also looking into summit on the park in canton, but have not had a chance to talk prices with them yet. Cobblestone farms is another option, but I'm worried about the stress of having a blank slate to work with! I'm new to this wedding stuff and feel so overwhelmed!
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