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Dress RANT and help?!

Hey again ladies.

Two posts today!

After I got engaged in January, I wanted to go back to my hometown to wedding dress shop with my Mom. She lives a 12 hour drive away but I made the trek. We then drove 2 hours into the USA to buy a dress because it's so much less expensive than here in Canada.

I found the dress of my dreams and was ecstatic. It was at David's Bridal in Burlington, WA. I live in Sylvan Lake, AB. A quick google map will tell you that this is REALLY far. They talked me into having my dress altered with them and coming back to pick it up (meaning another trip back to my hometown a month or so later). I just went a few weeks ago (that's when time permitted my return) and they had majorly botched the alterations. My dress has a sheer colored layer and a white under layer. They seriously used kitchen string to create the upper layer of the bustle, so you could totally see it through the sheer fabric. (I'll attach a photo). They also sewed the sash on totally crooked (also, photo). The lady was pretty understanding and I stayed calm, and they set up an alterations appointment close to my Mom's house so I could get it fixed before I came home at no charge.

It got fixed, but I still really don't feel satisfied. I called the store and asked for at least a partial refund of the cost of my alterations and was told someone would be in contact with me. That was over a week ago. Towards the end of last week, I emailed their corporate office and received no response. My dress was only $200 and I paid $450 for alterations. Am I wrong to want something in return for all the stress and extra time this took?

Re: Dress RANT and help?!

  • I do not think it was wrong to ask for something back.  That was ridiculous that they used string to make a bustle.  If they were professionals they would not have done that type of thing.  I am sorry that you had to deal with that!  
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  • Ugh that totally sucks. Sadly I've heard LOTS of horror stories with David's Bridal and alterations. I'd keep pushing for some kind of refund - honestly they are such a big chain that I'm guessing they ignore all the complaints until they get loud enough. That way all the only slightly dissatisfied folks end up giving up before the company has to lose any $$. And it isn't like they are trying to keep a loyal customer - chances are that once you are done with your gown you aren't going to be shopping for a new wedding dress anytime soon. 

    On happier news - I love your dress!!
  • Oh no, girl I say stay strong and fight this! I don't know why DB gets so many complaints, if you are not getting the results you want, take it to their FB page, they seem to get a lot of feedback there and try to respond since it is public.  For the money one pays in alterations, they should work hard to get it right!
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  • Thanks ladies! I really do love the dress, it's just so frustrating. I will keep pressing on and contacting them. My brother lives near the location I bought the dress so I'm going to ask him to go in and ask for a phone number we can try.

    Thanks again!!!
  • I agree I would def feel the same. Thia is your wedding dress and they are supposed to be a reputable store. So sory this happened to you. Stay strong and keep us updated!
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