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So, I stink at being a girl and I am officially losing my sanity.  Basically, I cannot force myself to buy a pair of new shoes, even when I actually need them.  I have driven H, and myself, nuts all weekend trying to get a pair of nude sandals for the wedding I am in next weekend.  Remember when I posted options in a photo Friday one week, quite some time ago?  Yup, couldn't bring myself to buy any of them.

So, I finally found a pair that I really like.  I still don't want to spend the money, but I know that I HAVE TO get something.  Problem is - they're not nude.  And every nude pair I have tried on has been uncomfortable (I have been to at least eight stores and ordered from Zappos.)  These ones that I like, they're really actually a muted gold and white, but they look relatively nude anywhere beyond five feet away.  So, if you were the bride, would you care?  The ceremony is barefoot, so it's really only for the photos (figuring everyone changes their shoes for the reception anyway.)

Here are the shoes.  They are MUCH less shiny in person (I should have taken a picture when trying them on.  Grr.)  MOH is basically wearing ballet flats in that classic pink ballet shoe color, so I know some deviation is okay, and while the bride is SUPER lowkey, and always has been, some of the BMs are a bit more opinionated (and I really don't want to stir the pot the morning of her wedding-there is already too much drama for my liking.)  Click on the Platino/Eggshell color.

If these are a no-go, I'll probably just grab some nude-ish Havianas and call it a day :)

Re: Random Non GIS Question

  • sorry that went so long... :)
  • As a bride, I wouldn't care. It sounds like our friend is the same way, and I wouldn't worry about some drama-rific bridesmaids. It's the bride's opinion that would be my concern.

    That said, I like the sandals.

    What are the dresses like? If you will see your feet for the pictures, I'd opt for the Ralph Lauren's, because they're obviously more dressy. I'd also be more apt to wear them again with dresses.

    I'm saying this as someone who, up until the last year, has had a lengthy love affair with flip flops. I still have a pair of Disney Croc ones that I wear, but I've moved on otherwise. Seeing dozens of high school girls shuffling down the hallway because they can't keep them on their feet otherwise has cured me of my flip flop love.
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  • Baha, guilty plea on wall of text comment.  It annoys me enough I feel like I should send anyone who actually reads it all a plate of cookies.  But that would probably not be very GIS appropriate :)

    Thanks for the input mod @kwitherington :)  Glad to know I am not alone in thinking 'who remembers shoes anyway'...still, I always try to proceed cautiously when it comes to someone else's big day
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    I'd run it by the bride, but I wouldn't really care. I asked my girls to wear anything in nude as well and one of my girls has some gold shoes already and asked if she could wear them. Um, absolutely. No one cares about your feet and I want my girls to be comfy and happy. Sounds like your bride is the same way. I would think those were fine. 
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  • Ditto CNF - just sort of give the brides a heads up. Personally I'm a low-key person and would not have cared...but weddings do sometimes bring out the crazy in people, so best to double check :)
  • I think they look fine - there's not too much of a difference between nude and muted-gold, especially in sandals. Shoot a picture to the bride and if she's good with it then get them.
  • Thanks, ladies!  I would ask her - but seeing as it's the week of the wedding and she asked about two weeks ago if I had shoes, I don't want to ask her and stress her :)  This is so not me - I'm normally the person who packs two weeks in advance and is all set to go!

    I think I'll give them a shot and guage feedback at the RD.  And maybe just grab a pair of backups, time permitting, from Payless that I could return otherwise.


  • I think they're pretty! As a bride, I really wouldn't care. I agree with the others, they're on your feet. No one is going to remember them but you!
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