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Day of events... Input appreciated

Less than 2 weeks to go, input is appreciated if I'm missing anything or on how to make this better. I will have myself, 'my 3 kids, the minister (my cousin) his wife and 3 kids, my aunt and my other cousin here that morning all getting ready to go. Thank heavens for 3 bathrooms. Picking up something the night before for breakfast for everyone that morning. Still no clue who's setting up the center pieces or place cards at the venue. (My aunt will take it all down there) 630am rise n shine, coffee, breakfast. 730Am kids up, fed and into comfy clothes 830am hair/make up (being done at my house) 1030Am, kids dressed (another adult here will facilitate this) 11 am- FI to come by the house to get the boys. Going to get our keys for the wedding night, him and kids finished getting dressed there (5 min from venue) Noon - leave for venue (driving myself since I need space for my dress). 1 pm arrive at venue, get dressed, touch up hair/make up 2pm pictures 3 ok cocktails 4pm ceremony.

Re: Day of events... Input appreciated

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    Perhaps someone at the venue could set up the center pieces and place cards (if you have a chart made up)?
    Soon-to-be Mrs. Kent
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    I'd pack something for the kids to eat between breakfast and cocktail hour -that's a long time if they're little kids...

    You sound super organized - hope everything goes well!

    Take care,



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