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Wedding Anxiety/Stress

Sorry the rant in advance. It is 46 days until we get married (13/7/13)! Today I went to pay the rest of the flowers and the church, on the way home, I realized this is crazy close. I know everything will end up being ok on the day off. But it just seems like their is still so much to do with little time. Not to mention that no one has booked their hotel rooms yet, blocks get release June 10th. I have a feeling everyone is waiting last minute to book hotel rooms, but we signed a contract for 20 rooms, and we have to cover until quota is 80%. Ahhhhhh.

Then I get a text message from my best friend (one of my bridesmaids), that her dress probably isn't going to fit. Little did I know, she had ordered her dress 2 sizes too small. Well she didn't lose the weight she thought she was going to. I told her the only thing is that maybe she can go to David's bridal and get an off the rack dress in a similar color, in the middle of doing her masters and working full time. Dresses should be in anytime. So we will see then. Here is to hoping.

I am excited and anxious all the same time. Anyone else feel this way?

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Re: Wedding Anxiety/Stress

  • I feel this way too. I'm extremely anxious when I think about the wedding only being 39 days away. It's scary. I still have to finish paying for some items. It's nerve wrecking. I try to take a deep breath when I think about it, and know that no matter what everything will turn out fine.
  • I agree! I have so much to do on my list and a few things is still paying off some vendors! Like I don't want to start panicking now... So just bresthe and remain clam. There is still plenty of time to get things handled. The best way is to give yourself deadlines. :)
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  • I'm with you. I'm freaking out. Excited and anxious but oh my goodness so much that needs to be done. I hate waiting and depending on people to do their part when they just want to wait until the last minute. I'm just trying to remind myself to enjoy all this because it's over so fast.
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