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I don't have any groomsmen at my wedding as it's not part of our culture. Do you guys think I should put on a suit or a tux? I already have a very good suit but it's a black one with pinstripes and not sure if that's appropriate for grooms. What do you guys think?

Also, anybody has used a custom suit vendor in the boroughs that won't break the bank?


Re: Custom suit

  • If it's in your budget  - I would definitely find a suit without pinstripes and forget the tux.
    Stripes are usually meant for business, where suits with a nice windowpane or plain are reserved for more special occasions.
    Check out Mysuit in the city. They do custom 'made to measure' suits for a very reasonable price.

  • Believe it or not, you could try JC Penney in your area or on 33rd Street, NYC.  They have an amazing collection of men's suits.  You could get a navy or black suit, dressier fabric with matching tie and hankie under $300.
  • I can't recommend an affordable shop, but I can tell you that whatever you decide DO NOT RENT! My fiancé used to work for Men's Warehouse and he says that the suits and tuxedos came back disgusting! (He's at Canali on Boad street and can help you get a FANTASTIC custom suit but it'll be at least $2k). He always pushes his friends to buy the suit or tux (you can still do Men's Warehouse or try Hugo Boss in Columbus circle. Ask for Sasha, he's fantastic). Basically, if you wear it twice (any other upcoming weddings?) it is worth the investment.
  • My husband got a suit at Brooklyn Tailors. He went looking for custom but they had one off the rack that fit near perfectly and it was altered slightly to be just right.
  • Check out  My fiance has 2 suits and a tux from this place. I think the first suit, with their $100 off promo is $500? 
    They are great suits, great quality and you get them in 5 weeks. 
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