I understand you probably get a lot of emails but please don't overlook this one. Celebrity China has ruined my life and my future with my hubby. The reason for this is there expensive cookware. Before April 6th, 2013 we received numerous calls stating that we had won 2 free toasting flutes. When I had called someone back they had told me that if I listened to a 90 minute presentation I would receive my free toasting flutes at the end of the presentation.   On April 6th, 2013 My fiancée had attended a presentation and never received our free toasting flutes.
On April 6th, 2013. My fiancée and I  had purchased a set of Celebrity China including: flat ware, cookware and an 8 piece knife set for a price of $2184.73.  My fiancée and I were very unsure about making such a large purchase and did no research on this third party company before making a final decision.  The salesman Rik Plumb had sold us this purchase at the Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Rik was extremely high pressuring and would not let us leave without making a purchase.  We received the cookware, knife set, and flat ware on April 29th 2013.  We had used one pan out of the six pans that we had received. The salesman had told us that the pans were nonstick and everything we cooked on them for the one meal we cooked stuck to the pan.   On April 30th 2013, my fiancée had lost his job making us unable to pay for the cookware set. I had made a phone call to Celebrity China in Lenexa Kansas. I had discussed my concerns with Doug.   Who had told me that he was unable to return the un used pans and I was forced to pay for them. When I had talked to Doug there was minute pause between our conversations making me believe that I was talking to a computer and Doug does not even exist.  Rik Plumb is another one that does not exist. After I had the conversation was Doug I was infuriated and decided to send the pans back. They were sent out and returned on (date). My fiancée did some research and the phone number and name given were fake.  I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau , Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, and the Cosumer Agency of Michigan. Something needs to be done about this.  This company is a fraud and is high pressuring. I have done a lot of research on this company and I did not find any good reviews on them.  I hope that with all of this negative feedback from this company you think twice for letting them attend Bridal Shows. Please let every bride you know about this company. They are nothing but a scam and innocent young bride and grooms should be aware of them.

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  • Oh, honey!! I'm so sorry you got pressured into buying that crap for that much money!! 

    I have had so much trouble with this company (and I didn't even purchase anything from them). 

    I went to the Engaged Bridal Show May 5th and they were one of the sponsors. I entered to win the 2 free CRYSTAL toasting flutes and a china set they had laid out on the show table. That night and for the next 2 days, FI and I each kept getting phone calls and voicemails saying that we were chosen to win the toasting flutes and a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. (All you had to do was pay for taxes and fees totaling $2-$300. I called them back on Monday and left a message to have the rep call me back later that day b/c I was all excited I had won something. Well I got off work early that evening and I figured I would drop by the office and see if I could just stop in an pick up my free stuff. The lady led me back into their "call center" (her words) and looked through a card catalog to see if she could find my info. There were literally 5-6 of these card catalogs labeled by bridal show date and filled with 50-75 cards with info on them I guess everybody is a "winner" in their book.

    So she had me fill out another card and set up an appointment for the demo. Literally 15 minutes after I left the office, I had another rep calling me to tell me about the wonderful things I had won and I told her I had already set up an appt. She then seemed upset and quickly ended the call.

    Well our demo was at 8:45 pm Wednesday the 8th.  I had told FI that we weren't going to make any purchases, we would go and have fun and  get our free stuff and leave. Since they cook for you using the pan. The demo was impressive but FI was googling their products after the spiel and saw article and article online about their scam. $2k-$3k for some cookware?! Heck no! We were told that everything was made right down the street in Lenexa. Load of BS. Then they tried the "Oh how about a free cruise on top of it?" That you have to pay $600 worth of taxes and fees for? No.

    We got our toasting glasses along with another couple and left while the other 3 couples were signing up for the pans. After I got home I noticed that the flutes weren't crystal at all, in fact they are plain and simple glass. There was even a UPC/barcode on the bottom which I googled and they buy them in bulk by the case. Glass has a noticeable rim around the top and real crystal doesn't; crystal also rings when you swirl your finger around the rim. 

    As far as the BBB goes, they proudly display their BBB sign in the front window. Did you know that you pay to participate in the BBB? And just because you are a member doesn't mean you have a good "grade" with them. You can be a member and have an F rating. It means that they make a good effort to resolve their complaints. (Which are quite a few). And since the brand of the pots and pans is the Vita-whatever, and is technically made and sold by another company, they just vend it, they aren't taking any hits. 

    I have called them twice and have asked to be removed from their calling list and I'm still getting phone calls every 3-4 days.

    I also mentioned this here: http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/972101/engaged-bridal-show#latest so hopefully by having this as a separate thread, it will help another poor soul out. I'm so sorry and I hope that maybe you can resell the cookware to get a return on your money. 
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    This was their flier from the bridal show:


    and the "crystal" ha glass! toasting flutes that I spruced up. You can see the rim of the glass and know it is not crystal:

  • I keep getting phone calls and voicemails from this company also. I've never returned them, but it's definitely annoying and did not sound legit at all! Sorry for all your problems!
  • @melbabe215 - please tell me you paid via credit card. If so, call your credit card company ASAP and file a dispute. They will help you resolve it. I have done this on a few different occasions when I have had purchase issues (etsy, amazon, etc)
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