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Reception timing

We are having a small outdoor ceremony and reception on the same private grounds. We have planned cold appies while we do WP photos, then the bbq when we are done. We dont plan on having dancing, but *would* like to do a first dance/parent dance, and have some music played in the gazebo which is a little ways off from where the dinner tents are going to be, and where the sound system provided by the venue is set up. Games for the kiddos are planned, and a few games for adults, too.

Would the following timeline suit?

Ceremony at the gazebo
Group photo at the front of the house (beautiful Victorian house with veranda and wiiiiiide steps)
WP photos while guests have appies, hang out, play bocce ball etc.
Dinner - kids have games when they are done (we have a kid wrangler)
Head to gazebo for toasts/speeches/dance
Back to tents for dessert, which will have been set up while we are at the gazebo

Or is that too much in the way of movement? I know that at indoor weddings I have been to, toasts generally happen after everyone has gotten a first helping, and the dance comes after the cake cutting (first dance/parent dances while the cake is being cut and plated)...we are having cupcakes via buffet, and will only be cutting a cheesecake for our head table for the symbolism of it.
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Re: Reception timing

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    as a guest this is what i'd like to see. if you'r enot going to have dancing for me then just have your first dance and then background music in the gazebo. if i want to dance to that can i?  i dont care about you dancing with your dad.

    can you do the WP photos before the wedding?

    skip the speeches and toasts untill your MOH and/or BM ASK to give one. no more than that.

    imo there's no reason to go back and forth and back and forth as a group. it's annoying.  since your cake will be cut whenever is convenient (before the cremony even) you can have your first dance immedaitely after the cocktail hour (or appetizer time) then go right into dinner then do the cake cutting and then just mingle iwth the guests while they set out the dessert. you dont need to leave for this.


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