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Glam Squad Prices/other hair options?

I saw Glam Squad has great reviews. Can anyone give me an idea of prices for them?

Do you recommend another hair/makeup place that will come to you or that is within walking distance of Treasure Island?
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Re: Glam Squad Prices/other hair options?

  • I used Whitney at Desert Glamour. She was punctual, did a fantastic job and her prices were perfect. She is so easy to communicate and work with.

    Whitney Larios ([email protected])
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  • Hi I used Glamsquad for my hair and airbrush makeup. I booked it through the Chapel of Flowers and I think I paid 135.00 or 150.00. Sorry for being vague!! Was handing over money left, right, and centre at the time I don't think it was too pricey or hair and airbrush wedding makeup and they were really fantastic.
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  •  I use Whitney with Desert Glamour for our wedding last year. Her price was reasonable. she was very nice and did a great job. I have booked her again for our anniversary trip in October.
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  • I'm using GlamSquad in October.  They had the best prices I could find & they have great reviews. Here are the prices they sent me a few months back:

    1) Hair & Regular makeup is $135
    2) Hair & Airbrushed makeup is $160 (Definitely worth it!!! The airbrushed makeup is applied with an air compressor and gently and evenly applies the foundation using air. It has a long wear time from 12-16 hours!)
    3) Hair Only is $95
    4) Regular Makeup Only is $95
    5) Airbrushed Makeup Only is $120
    6) False Lash Application is an additional $25

  • I sent an inquiry to Desert Glamour. It looks reasonable. I initially thought about using the hotel salon, but it's pretty expensive just for hair.
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  • I booked Glam Squad through the Chapel of Flowers ... my wedding is going to be in August/ 2013 and before I booked I did some research. They really have good reviews and it was be best price I could find. I've been exchanging emails with them with questions and always got quick response. The hair and regular make up I book is going to be $135. If you need blow dry service is additional $25. I was told that the basic bobby pins, hair products and sprays and rubber bands are provided by them. I just need to bring my own hair accessories like veil, flower or tiara.
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    I decided to go with Amelia C after conversations with them and Glam Squad. Here are the price quotes I got for 3 people:

    Amelia C (
    $200 hair & airbrush for bride
    $70 for bridesmaid hair, $80 for makeup

    $160 for hair/airbrush
    $135 for hair/regular makeup
    $95 for either hair OR makeup

    I like to e-mail with my vendors and I found that Amelia C was much more responsive to e-mail/facebook inquiries, whereas Glamsquad required a phone call (and their e-mail address was, which I just think is strange.
  • They are a little pricier but I love what I've seen from Your Beauty Call. Last time I checked they were $200 for hair and makeup or $150 with two or more people. They are a celebrity hair and makeup team, and haven't read a bad review about them... I have heard great things about Desert, Amelia C, and Harmony too :) sooo many good choices!
  • I booked Muse for DOC and H&MU, They quoted me:

    Coordination of your wedding for $750, and included in that fee would be your trial and day of hair, makeup, lashes and veil placement! For three additional hair and makeup applications, it would be $330($110/person). They use high quality, water resistant makeup, airbrush or traditional brush foundation, and lashes are included per application. Your artist will accompany you to your venue to oversee that everything about your look is executed flawlessly right to the moment you say "I do."

    I did talk to Your Beauty Call as well. I have attached their current pricing PDF they sent to me.
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  • I sent inquiries to Glam Squad, Desert Glamour, and harmony medina two days ago and no one ever got back to me.
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  • Ok, Apparently I can't upload a pdf... So here is it copy and pasted.


    makeup only $100
    lashes $15 +
    airbrush $25 +
    tattoo cover up $45 +

    hair only $100
    hair w/ extensions $25 +
    hair w/accessories $15 +
    flower girls $45 +

    HAIR & MAKEUP PACKAGES {2 person minimum}
    hair & makeup $150
    lashes $15 +
    airbrush makeup $25 +
    hair w/ extensions $25 +
    hair w/accessories $15 

    hair & makeup  $200

    HAIR & MAKEUP - bride receives complimentary hair & makeup for her wedding day when parties of 7+ are booked

    AIRBRUSH TANNING - bride receives a complimentary spray tan for her wedding day when parties of 7+ are booked

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  • Jodee, perhaps wait through the weekend. Weekends are their busiest times. Hope you hear from them soon
  • KikiMira, thanks for posting. That's what I received as well.
  • I booked Muse Artistry for our wedding in Sept. They got really good reviews on here and online. They are also the cheapest. $110 for hair and makeup (includes airbrush and lashes) and $190 for hair and makeup and trial. $65 if you are only doing one.
  • Desert Glamour got back to me but they are booked. Muse got back to me within 30 minutes! I think I'll go with them. I sent an email back with a few questions. How do you book them?
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  • Oh and do they have a travel fee? Do they charge for veil placement?
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  • Hi Jodee
    Im a muse bride too. No travel or veil placement fee.

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  • Thanks missmo! I think I'll just go ahead and call today to book them. I saw some of their work and it looks exactly like what I'm going for.
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  • Desert Glamour got back to me but they are booked. Muse got back to me within 30 minutes! I think I'll go with them. I sent an email back with a few questions. How do you book them?

    Call or email and Jennifer will send you a contract/deposit form. I'm a Muse bride as well, love their work :)

  • Another Museeee here! Lol.
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  • I contacted Whitney from Desert Glamour for my hair and makeup but she wasn't available that day so she suggested Angie Lum, whom she has worked with. Angie was great, super punctual and friendly, knew exactly what I wanted and both hair and makeup were perfect the whole day - and it was a hot, sunny and windy day. It was $100 for hair and makeup (not airbrush) including lashes.
  • I used glam squad and they were AMAZING, and when they say squad they mean squad. I had 3 people in my room doing my hair and makeup. They were quick but good! To get an up-do and just normal makeup was $160. I loooved that they came to the room, i sat there getting pampered drinking mimosas
  • I wonder why nobody mentions Francesca Lombardo.  As far as I know, she's quite good and comes to your room like Glamsquad.  Not sure about pricing.


    Christine Copeland is also pretty good I hear, same thing though not sure about pricing.


    AFAIK both are reliable.

  • VGroom's wife used Francesca and loved her. She was bookd the day of my wedding so she recommended Lori J White and she was absolutely amazing she's on facebook and twitter - and I vgroom has links for both of them on his site
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  • My wife used Francesca for trial, wedding day and our 1st anniversary trip; loves her.  She's definitely better with texting than emailing though, especially during wedding season, so if you do email and it's not urgent, make sure to give her a day or two for responses.

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