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Affordable Vermont DJ

Hi! - I am looking for an affordable and dependable DJ for my August 31st wedding. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks a bunch!

Re: Affordable Vermont DJ

  • Normally I'd suggest posting on the local board, but being a Vermonter myself, I know how lifeless that board is.

    I won't be a big help because I have a DJ in the family who's doing mine, so I didn't have to research.  If she lived around here I'd recommend her in a heart beat.

    Do you want someone who's a very experienced professional in the field?  They can get pricy.  I went to college with a couple people who do DJing as a side job.  They're both really good, and have equipment.  One of them is more experienced than the other, so I would recommend her first.  As far as I know, they both have facebook pages.  If you want me to look into that for you send me a PM and I can give you more info.  I wouldn't mention it if I wasn't confident that they'd be great.

    My only other ideas are to just start google searching and contacting people.  It's a bit tedious, but that's how I've found people for other things. Do you know anyone that's gotten married within the last couple years?  They might have recommendations too.  Good luck!

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