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Using Names as Handles


Re: Using Names as Handles

  • I never thought about googling people SN from here or anywhere else. The only time I have googled people it was friends, family members and an occasional celebrity. I guess I am just not that curious.
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  • If I google NerdyLucy, only one or two things pop up that are me or mine, and the rest are all other people....probably those whose names really are Lucy. I tend to use fake names and email with everything except Facebook. My Twitter account is under a fake name too.

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  • When I Google my username, it just comes up with TK, Pro-Boards, and Pinterest.  

    The only time I've Googled another user was to prove to her that she should take identifying info off of her post.  I was able to find the address of the place where she worked in about 20 seconds.
  • Never thought to Google my handle name which I've used since 6th grade. Nothing comes up except for TK, Pinterest, and Etsy.
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