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Found my dream dress but it's out of my budget =/

This morning THE DRESS, It's Matthew Christopher's Bianca ( unfortunately the only thing that prevented me from saying yes was the price. The people at the shop were very kind and sweet and if I had that kind of money I wouldn't have hesitated but they list that dress at the higher end of the price range that the knot lists the dress at. (I can do the lower end of the scale.)

I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on places that I can order the dress from the manufacturer but not have as much over head?

Re: Found my dream dress but it's out of my budget =/

  • Not sure if you are still looking but you can try that place where my dress is being made it's in Montebello let me know if you want that name of the shop!
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  • I would love to get the name! =)
  • You should try finding your dress at an online store that offers namebrand wedding dresses at lower prices. I know there are a few reputable stores but the only one I can remember at the moment is RK Bridal. I'm sure if you do research you can find a lot more stores just make sure they are reputable. Good luck finding your dream dress at a great price!
  • I actually found my dress on With a great tailor/seamstress you can alter it to fit your body. Maybe you could find it on there for a lower cost?
  • I would get the store list from the designers site and start making phone calls to all of the salons that carry it.  Maybe shipping it to you would cost less than the mark up they do here in SoCal.  It;s a beautiful dress btw.

  • Thanks everyone,

    I did get a list from the designers website and called around but the cheapest i could find the dress was 4125 which was still out of my buget (I was aiming for low 3k), RK doesnt carry mathew christopher ) and Pearl didn't carry that particular model. Preowned had a simular model but not the same one as well.

    Its okay though in end i ended up going with my second choice (Mikealla 1406) but I have no regrets since most people think the second dress flatters me more and is more suited for a garden wedding.... the mathew christopher bianca was just more of one i would have designed if i was a dress designer.. it was perfection =)

    Still thank you again for tall the replies =) I did look up all the options.
  • Thanks for giving us an update! That's also a beautiful dress :)
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