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June 2013 Weddings

What's in the bag??

What are you putting in your day of bag?? I'm so lost right now on what to put in there.

Re: What's in the bag??

  • Essentials! (e.g. makeup, deoderant, body lotion, visine for your eyes, Advil or Tylenol, Gas-X in case you get bloated, breath mints, floss, q-tips, nail file, clear nail polish, toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen if you'll be outside, sunglasses, contacts & solution if you wear them, hair comb/brush, hair spray, extra bobby pins, bandaids, tampons & panty liners God forbid!, wet wipes, tissues, tweezers, oil blotting papers if you have oily skin, compact mirror to keep with you, etc.)

    Also, don't forget a change of clothes & shoes (including undies) just in case you need any of it. 

    Phone charger

  • Brita you are the bomb! Thanks chicky! I was drawing a blank. I have super oily skin and just discovered those wipes, Oh my GAWD amazing! So thankful I don't have to worry about the cycle showing. No uterus, no cervix kinda puts me in the clear (removed when I was 28).
  • Ditto Britta!  I just copied and pasted this into my to do list.


    I swear this wedding has wiped out all my brain cells!


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  • You too?? I was talking to a patient today on the phone and she kept saying "huh what" then It hit me I really sounded like I was speaking gibberish.

  • Don't forget your cell phone/ camera charger!
  • I'm really just dragging my work purse along so I'll have everything I need in there
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    Heres also something to make it all easier:
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