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debating over inside or outside wedding?

our wedding is june 2014. i really want a outside wedding in a garden or gazebo. but im worried that it will be too hott, even though its going to be a late eveing wedding. im torn with which way i should go? any suggestions!

Re: debating over inside or outside wedding?

  • I got married June of 2011, and it was 103 on my wedding day. Even if I would have held my ceremony at 7 or 8 to try and beat the heat, it would have only gotten down to maybe 95 and people still would have been miserable for my guests. I wasn't able to take any outdoor photos because my face would have melted off. Even inside the Church, I was hot despite the AC blasting--my dress probably added to it (that fabric is heavy!), but I spent a good portion of the time that we waited between pre-ceremony pics in the bridal suite in front of a fan.

    I really wouldn't recommend an outdoor ceremony to anyone in TX after April or before October since the heat can really get bad and is totally unpredictable. It might not be a sweltering 100+ degrees, but you really have to think of your guests comfort (especially children and the elderly).

  • My suggestion is if you want an outdoor wedding, don't get married in June. It will be miserable even in the evening. Not only that, but a garden is best seen during the day, not late at night and any outdoor pictures you want are also best taken during the (hot) daylight hours.

    To me a garden wedding and a late night wedding do not go together but that is JMO.
  • Yeah, outdoor weddings in the summer in Texas are just not a good idea.  Courtski raises an excellent point -- most wedding dresses (even the fitted ones) are HEAVY and you are going to be wildly uncomfortable in that heat.



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