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Need some song suggestions for father-daughter dance

My dad passed away a year and a half ago. While I had different scenarios in my head of how it would go if he was still alive (he had Alzheimer's so my mom and I had planned out a few different options depending on how far the Alzheimer's could progress if he were still alive when I got married). One thing I had alway knew I would do was to have a dance with my uncle who was very much a second father. The problem has now become the song...my searches have come up empty and the songs that I love don't really fit, and I want to be sensitive to my younger sister who is still having a really hard time with not having him around. Any suggestions?

Re: Need some song suggestions for father-daughter dance

  • sorry about your dad--  have your uncle pick a song.  I had my dad pick our song and it was one of my favorites parts of the day when I finally heard what he picked (which was a perfect choice). 

    some that some to mind for a uncle/bride dance would be:
    You are so Beautiful
    Isn't She Lovely
    Stand By Me
    Lean On Me
    What a Wonderful World
    In My Life

    Its going to be hard for people and your sister regardless but if its something you want it can still be done tastefully.  Good Luck!


  • My Dad passed away from cancer a few years back. My brother-in-law has been that other father figure in my life staring when I was 16. So he is the one walking me down the aisle. I think we are doing "MY Wish" by Rascall Flatts because it isn't sugary sweet like other songs. 
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