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Hi gals! Has anyone done their engagement photos yet?if so what did you wear? FI and I are planning to do ours at a vineyard (providing we get the necessary permissions!), it's where our first date was! I'm completely fashion challenged and have no clue where to start or how to coordinate! HELP!!!!
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Re: Engagement photos

  • FI and I are preparing to do ours this summer (our schedules have sucked). We want ours to reflect our style but also be nice enough for our save the date cards. As of now we are looking at a casual dress for me (I am hardcore a dress girl) with flats or sandals (although my sister insists I need heels). He will probably do a dress shirt and khakis...We are planning to do them at Brooklyn Bridge Park and think we wont look out of place :)

    Good luck but remember to aim for comfort!

  • I actually just had mine done about a week ago! We wanted to get them done so we could get an early start on the save-the-dates. I ended up wearing a lace dress with boots and my fiance wore dark denim with a white button up and boots. We took ours in the national park close to where we live with a log cabin in the background, so I think it was appropriate. I tried to stray away from looking too different than I do normally. Good Luck! (: 
  • Due to our conflicting schedules, we don't plan to do ours until October/November.

    I thought I found something on Pinterest about choosing outfits, but after some searching, here are the tips I found:

    1. Be yourself.  Are you a jeans and cardigan kind of girl? Then go with that! Is your FI a die-hard Steelers (WOO!) fan? Maybe he'll want to take a couple of shots in a jersey.  Your engagement photos and save-the-dates should showcase who you are.  If you have never worn a dress in your life, you won't look like yourself if you do wear one.  Also, make sure you are comfortable in your clothes.  If you are constantly worried if your heels are sinking in the grass, it may show in your photos.  My FI and I are very casual, so we plan on wearing jeans with complementary colored plain T-shirts.  I may thrown on a jacket or scarf, but that's it! 

    2. You don't have to wear colors that match, but just "go."  Just because you are getting married, you don't have to be twins in your pictures.  If you don't know what colors look good together, check our what looks beautiful together in nature or reference a color wheel.  If you want to wear pink, it may not be as complementary for your FI to wear red.  Green or navy may be a better selection.  Stay away from neons, pastels, or white--these colors are difficult to light and photograph.

    3. Don't go buy something new.  My initial reaction to this tip was... "... really?!" but I understand it.  Look through your favorite outfits and play off of those.  Afterall, these are your favorite pieces or outfits you love, and they probably look really good on you! If you want to add something, maybe a nice necklace or bracelet to make it a great outfit.

    Here are two other websites that may be helpful!

    Let us know how your pictures turn out!


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  • jennyp37 I'm starting to think about ours now too. Our photographer has included it in the package we chose. We are thinking of going to Mohonk Mountain House to have our photos taken sometime in July or August. That is where we got engaged, and we never really got a photo of us there from that day. Im in the same boat you are. I have NO IDEA what to wear. 

    des9724 for the information. I am also a bit fashion challenged and have no idea what I might wear. (All I own are jeans and tshirts. Thank goodness work requires a uniform so I dont have to figure out an outfit every day.)

    I cant wait to have ours done. For those of you who have already taken your engagement shots, any tips?
  • Thanks everyone for the advice. @des9724 thanks for the detailed pointers! I wish I knew the "don't buy anything new", actually FI probably wishes more than me. I went shopping hoping something would feel right! I feel like when looking at my closet it screams TEACHER! I think I need to figure out what is "normal" people wear (non catholic teacher) and would photograph well. Once we get the pictures ill be sure to post a few!
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  • FI and I did ours back in April. See Link for ideas :D http://s319.photobucket.com/user/summersunshine_2009/story/7673 
  • I'm sooo happy I saw this post! My FI and I are getting our engagement photos done next month, and I've been on the hunt for something to wear, too! I really think I'm going to just go with a solid colored, summer dress. Nothing too short, but still pretty casual! I'm pretty sure my FI will end up wearing a nice shirt with nice jeans. Honestly nothing too crazy - I just want it to be natural and for us to be ourselves! :)

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    ah nvm i was gonna post the link to mine until i realized i already shared on this thread!

  • I just emailed our photographer today about setting up our engagement photos in the upcoming weeks. I'm so excited!
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