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Will you have your BMs in the same dress, co-ordinated but ones they chose, or something other?

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Just wondering the overall trend as I think. Will (or, if you're married "Did") you BMs have matching dresses or are you picking some basics (color/fabric/length) and then letting them pick?? Or are you doing something else???
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Will you have your BMs in the same dress, co-ordinated but ones they chose, or something other? 164 votes

matching - bride picks (even if there is some consulting)
37% 61 votes
coordinating - bride gives some guidelines, BMs pick within them
57% 95 votes
other - what?? i have a few thoughts but no idea if they've been done
4% 8 votes

Re: Will you have your BMs in the same dress, co-ordinated but ones they chose, or something other?

  • i have a color and a designer and a length picked out. They are welcome to pick within their budget 
  • Same here. They can pick.
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  • Ditto.  I'm going to let them pick, I just haven't decided if I'm going to pick a designer and specific color or give them a general color and let them go wherever.  I haven't decided on the the number of BM's either yet at this point but it will be 1-3 and if it's just one she will definitely get to choose a dress from wherever.
  • I asked mine to pick a navy dress.  No length, fabric, or designer requirements. 
  • Matching dresses, but we went shopping together and they picked them out.
  •  We went with matching dresses & shoes as well. I let them know the colour I wanted for their dresses, and they chose from there. They all decided on a dress & shoes together & just ran it by me before they purchased them. Some of my girls are out of town, so they had an online feed going where they posted dress and shoe ideas, so they could all discuss/decide. It worked out great, and they did an amazing job with their choices! :)
  • My girls' dresses are the same color, fabric and length.  I told them to pick whatever cut they wanted-- I know I wouldn't want to go without straps, so I couldn't force any of them to do that.  They all ended up picking very similar dresses, but the tops are different.  One is strapless sweetheart, one is strapless but I can't honestly remember how it's cut, and the other is kind of a sweetheart, but has straps.  They look beautiful! :)

  • I picked unique styles in the same color for my BMs. I didn't let them pick but told them to let me know if they had any concerns about what I'd chosen for them. Only one BM asked me for a different style.
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    We all went shopping together. They picked the dress, I picked the colors. All the BM wore the same dress. FG wore the same dress in a different color.
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  • Matching - I picked a dress from the department store, sent them all a picture and ordered them.
  • I picked a brand, color and one of two fabrics. The girls all wanted to match and I gave them the control. They all agreed to the same dress. And I asked them to wear a black shoe, preferably a heel but I really couldn't care less.


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  • I went with matching.  I went shopping with each girl separately and then made a decision off of what they liked and what I liked.  My BM was the picky one because my MOH (also my sister really didn't care what I picked and told me that she would "wear a potato sack if I asked her to".)

    Now that I think back I wish I would have just let them pick a long satin dress in the green color but I figured I only had to please two people so it wasn't that difficult.  I also was very easy going about what they did to the dresses.  My BM altered her neckline to a sweetheart while my sis kept it as straight.  As long as they were comfortable that was all that mattered.

  • I picked a line, fabric/color and length (floor length) and my BMs picked between about 15 different dresses. 
  • I picked the color.  The girls decided on the length and style.   We were shopping together, and I did ask that they come to a consensus on length if possible, but I wasn't going to freak out if they didn't.  They each bought different dresses, and luckily, they both picked the same length dress, and I loved how it turned out. It was complimentary and they were both in dresses that they loved and felt beautiful in.



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    I picked color (horizon blue) brand (DB) and length (short). They all picked out totally different dresses. One is jersey knit, one is cotton, three are satin and one is chiffon. Nothing the same for any of them which solidifies my decision to let them choose.
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    I said David's Bridal in the color lapis and asked that the 4 of them decide on either all long or all short (they chose short) and either silver or black shoes but they could wear whatever they already owned (they chose silver).
  • I picked a colour, fabric and length and let them pick. 2 out of 3 picked the same one without knowing! I ran it by the 3rd girl and it had been on her list of ones she liked too, so they ended up matching!
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  • I picked colour, length and said I'd love chiffon, it would go with my dress that way. They went and picked their own dresses and shoes, the only thing I did was say I'm wearing silver flats, the FG is wearing silver flats, you can wear black, silver or your dress colour in whatever style, they all picked silver.

    I think my MOH ended up with a longer dress, but it looks fabulous on her.

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  • Different dresses - I gave the BMs a color (any shade of purple) and asked that they stick with floor length, in chiffon fabric.

  • I was going to have my two MOHs wear a different dress than the other girls, same designer and same color, just different design. But I then found out that my sister-in-law, who is a BM, is now pregnant with twins and will be in her third trimester at my wedding, and the original dress that she was to wear would not work. So I switched them to all wear the same dress so that she would be comfortable :)
  • I told my girls that I'd like them to pick anything they want, I'd prefer that it be pastel type tones (mauve, sea foam, buttercup, pale pink, lavender, pale teal, etc), but if they do not like those colors on themselves then to go with black. 
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  • My girls happened to all be in town at the same time, so we went shopping together.  We had already discussed length and color (short, burgundy).  I was hoping to have matching dresses, but was anticipating we'd have the same designer but different necklines.

    we each picked out 1 dress for everyone to try on (so, 4 different dresses).  The girls all looked STUNNING in Mori Lee 744, and happily agreed to have that be the dress!  It was surprisingly easy =)
  • I picked a color and length. We all went shopping together and they ended up all liking the same dress. I was open to them all picking their own though.
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    I chose coordinating because I found such a unique dress at a price all bridesmaids could afford. Plus they all looked fantastic. Here's the dress:image
    It is perfect for my beach wedding
  • I chose 4 or 5 dresses I liked, based on things they said...including budget, style, their body shapes...and it seems 3 of the 4 have chosen the same and the MOH has chosen one slightly different, which is perfectly fine with me. I definitely want them in black and want it to be able to be worn least 2 of them can use them for a nice dinner out or to holiday parties. My main concern is that they are comfortable in what they wear, I don't want them pulling at themselves and being uncomfortable or self conscious in their dress, ya know. Also I told them that since they are paying for their dresses that they should definitely choose the dress that THEY want and that even if after trying on the dresses I have chosen, if they don't like it on, then I am absolutely open to them choosing something else.

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  • I have 5 BM's and they all have very different styles, so I am letting them pick their dresses as long as it is a shade of grey, short, and the fabric CANNOT be shiny.
  • My BMs are all different ages (40s/30s/teen) so I chose to let them decide on the style and color  which best suited them as long as they were floor length chiffon in coordinating fall colors. They have chosen well, and are gorgeous together. We even found a flowergirl's dress to coordinate perfectly in her favorite color. Never thought it would be that easy and now if they hate their dress, they can't blame me :)

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  • Technically, all of my bridesmaids have the same dress. But I had them order from and they are all wearing them differently. We have been very very pleased with how soft, comfortable, and above all affordable they are, with the shorter length only $70. I had all of my girls order them in plum.
  • I only have one MOH and two flower girls. I told my MOH she could pick the dress (length, fabric) but it has to be Tiffany blue or something in that color family. I plan on going to help her pick the dress. I want the flower girls to wear a white dress with a Tiffany blue sash.


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