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June 2013 Weddings

Married Life!!

Our wedding day was AMAZING. It turned out even better than I had dreamed, thanks in part to our fabulous wedding party who went above and beyond and wouldn't let us lift a finger the weekend of!

The only hitch which we are laughing about now, is one of our hosts (ushers) didn't show. Back story: our only financial requirement of the hosts was to purchase a $40 vest and tie. This guy said it was no problem, then a couple weeks before the wedding said he couldn't afford it. Then he stopped responding to phone calls and messages when we were trying to figure out how to help him out. Finally, the Thursday before our Sunday wedding, hubby sent a text basically asking if he was coming or not and he said he wasn't and that was that. Overall, not a big deal AT ALL.

We are so blessed and amazed with how everything turned out! And now we're on the beach :-) hope the rest of my June 7, 8, and 9 folks had a wonderful weekend, and good luck to those still planning!! No worries!
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erinlin25[Deleted User]

Re: Married Life!!

  • yay! Congrats!!  My wedding was absolutely perfect in every way too!!  Pics to come soon. 

  • Yay, me too! My wedding was flawless and I remember everything! Waiting for pictures and can't wait to share stories with the rest of you girls.

    For the rest of the June brides yet to have their weddings, just relax and be present. If you feel yourself getting stressed or worried just slow down and take a minute to get calm.

  • thats great!! we are so happy for all of you! thanks for the advise i'm gonna need to stay clam the butterflies have begun im trying to just go with the flow =)
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  • yay! all of my wedding went good too!! couldn't of asked for better! the only thing was that I forgot my veil for ceremony. but I just rocked the veil during the reception!!! all other June brides just stay calm and remember you and maybe a few others know exactly how everything should go so if something good wrong just let it go! don't stress! just enjoy your day!!!
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  • congrats! cant wait to see pics!
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  • We had a bunch of flaws but in the end none of it mattered... Seeing hubby at the alter in tears with an ear to ear smile was all I needed. My sons looked so handsome. My 6 yr old told me he was so happy I got to get dressed up on the wedding day too. It was so innocent and priceless. He DIDNT realiZe I got to get dressed up like him, his brothers and their new step parent.
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