Wildflowers - anyone done this? Advice?

I want to do "wildflowers". I put this in quotes because my florist said true wildflowers don't last so they use others to make it look wildflower like. 

Have any of you done this or are you planning to? If so, any advice on specific flowers I should/could ask to be included? Did yours last? 

Here's a pic of my vision (minus the roses):

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Re: Wildflowers - anyone done this? Advice?

  • I am actually going to be picking my own flowers, so it will be a mix. I talked to the woman who owns the pick-your-own farm and she said that there is a mixture to let the flowers soak in so that they will last longer, and there are other methods of helping them last, such as wrapping the stems in wet paper towels and foil under the wrapping. Or if you are showing stems, like I am, just try to make sure they are in water as much as possible, especially before your pictures! I love your vision and I think you should go for it! I'm not really a fan of the roses either, but I love dahlias!
  • I was in a wedding where her centerpieces were wildflowers in a cowboy boot vase. She used lots of different flowers like sunflowers, roses, etc. They didn't end up having the "wild flower" look, I think mainly because of the choice of types of flowers, but overall they were adorable and looked effortless and simple.
  • I'm doing this! I emphasized to our florist that we wanted lots of different greenery which helped us stay within our budget. This is our inspiration picture but with a different color scheme
  • That looks great!
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