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Pictures before the ceremony??

Hi all!! I am trying to schedule hair appts and so forth for the big day and am having trouble deciding whether or not I want to do "first look" photos with my fiance BEFORE walking down the aisle or if i want to try to do all photos afterwards. I like the idea of having an intimate one-on-one moment together with our photographers when he first sees me in my dress, but I know how precious walking down the aisle can be too---I also want to make sure that we get a lot of good pictures in the vineyard where we are getting married, since those are what will be around fifty years from now. Any thoughts/opinions?????

p.s. The amount of time with the photographer does not matter---our photographers charge a base price for the entire day, no matter what we are doing or where we are. If that helps.

Re: Pictures before the ceremony??

  • It's a personal decision.  We decided to do the first look and have no regrets.  We had that special time between the two of us, had photos with the two of us and then had bridal party and immediate family photos.  After the ceremony, we were able to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests since we got all the photos out of the way.  I still got butterflies walking down the aisle, but I think my nerves were lessened and I appreciated that.

    If you choose not to see each other before hand and want to do photos after the ceremony, you will have to forego the cocktail hour.  Also keep in mind, your guests should not be kept waiting any longer than the cocktail HOUR that happens IMMEDIATELY after the ceremony.  

    Good luck!
  • There's a good thread on the wedding recap board about first looks.  Someone linked to a really interesting article with a photographer's opinion that I think is worth reading. 
  • I can't wait for our first look, IMO it's going to be more memorable than the look walking down the aisle
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