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Just got engaged 6/1 (!!!) and already had the ring sized twice, once from a 6 to 5.25, and 5.25 to 5. My office is generally cold, as is our house, so 5 still feels too big (it flops to the side more often than not). I know everyone is different is how they want their rings to fit but mine is driving me crazy. Would it be crazy to size it again? Will it fit better once I have a band too?

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  • Congrats! I got engaged 6/4. I had my ring sized, and the 51/2 is a little big but the 5 wouldn't be able to past my knuckle.. So the women told me she can put little gold beads in the inside so it would take up the extra space. I haven't had it done yet because I don't want it off my finger! Lol Maybe your jeweler can do this same thing. Also it helps with the ring turning to the side.
  • My ring size is 3 1/2. I'm still waiting on my ring, because the one my FI bought for the proposal could not be made that much smaller without damaging it. Has anybody got any suggestions on how to get used to wearing the ring once it's going to be there. I don't usually wear rings because I hardly ever find one that is small enough..

  • Thanks!!

    I've been doing some research on sizing beads and I think that's what I'm going to do! the band is pave set and I read that sizing it too much can cause the diamonds to fall out. Also, we don't have it insured yet and I'd die if anything happened (it fell off or got chipped).
  • @icecreamS04 - I wore a ring on that finger in college, but didn't wear one for 7 years after until my engagement. It was an adjustment for sure. I wore a right hand ring every day and some days I put my e-ring on my right hand when I was getting dressed- lol. After a few weeks you won't notice it anymore, and if you're like me it will feel weird not to wear it. Some days depending on work I don't wear it, and have little "oh sh*t" moments all day thinking I lost it. Just give it a few weeks!
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  • Sizing beads will probably help. The ring also might fit better when you have a wedding band next to it. My e-ring spun around a lot by itself, but it never fell off so I didn't want to size it down (it was already a 3.75). Now that I wear it with my wedding band it doesn't move around nearly as much, because it's slightly further up my finger, closer to my knuckle.
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    Yeah I was wondering about the size, too and have the same problem with being in the AC for several hours. But other times, I can't get it off without force. When I was deciding between the 4 And the 4 and a half, I read on some jewelry store site that you should be able to push up on it and see a tiny gap between the ring and the top of your finger, but it should also take some effort to come off--which the 4 1/2 does, 95 percent of the time. Anyway it sounds like you'll be good with the sizing beads--also, congrats!
  • so i got the sizing beads and had to get them shaved down. I'm now at work and it's moving, but not nearly as much as it was before...although it does take some force to get it off...which scares me and makes me nervous. i know my finger will get used to it but for now the beads hurt a bit when i'm taking the ring off.
  • I was a 3.5 for almost 30 years then had my son. Now I'm a size 4 even though I'm back to normal weight. We got my grandmother's ring resized and I'm glad we didn't get it smaller. Most of my friends had kids right after getting married and had to wear their ring around their neck. 

    Are you used to your ring yet? It felt so distracting and heavy for a month, now it feels odd to have it off. :)
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  • .Go get your finger sized and use that measurement.  Mine is the perfect fit no matter what the weather is 6.5

  • My engagement ring (hand-me-down from my mother) is currently in the shop getting resized a whopping 3 sizes. It's a size 9 and it's going down to a 6. The jeweler didn't seem concerned because the setting was so strong, but he's also going to make it an "oval" so it will still fit over my gigantic knuckles (haha!) but will be able to not rotate around loosely on my finger, even on non-bloated days.

    Maybe an oval ring circumference option would work for you?
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  • Are you used to your ring yet? It felt so distracting and heavy for a month, now it feels odd to have it off. :)
    We picked up the ring on saturday and I already notice if I'm not wearing it at home... but it's just a small ring so I hardly notice it's there when I'm occupied... it's not as bad as getting used to wearing ear rings...  

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