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Proper Way to Address Response Envelopes

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows the etiquette on how to address the RSVP return envelopes (and the return address on the invitation envelope.)  Should it be Groom's First Name Last Name & Bride's First Name Last Name (like John Smith & Jane Doe)?  Or should it be Mr. John Smith & Miss Jane Doe?  Just the bride or just the groom? I'm guessing it shouldn't be Mr. & Mrs. John Smith because we're not technically married yet, right?  Fiance & I are paying for/hosting the wedding.  Help!

Re: Proper Way to Address Response Envelopes

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    You're correct not to put Mr. and Mrs. John Smith - you're not married.

    Ask whoever is hosting if they want to get the RSVPs. My parents preferred that we receive them because they didn't want to be responsible for them so that took care of that. We addressed ours "FI First Name/Last name and My First Name/Last Name". No Mr. or Miss. or Ms.

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    We used a self-inking stamp that had just our first names and our address.


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    We put "The Smith/Jones Wedding" and then our address. 

    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    Thanks for the ideas ladies!
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    Ours just said "Jonathan & Kate" I also like "The Smith/Jones Wedding"


    I know I've seen some claims on here that the USPS won't deliver without first/last of the person living there - but I just don't get that.  our RSVPs all got back to us with no last names and no issue.  We receive mail addressed to "Auntie Kate and Uncle Jonathan" without issue (and have had several different mail carriers and POs over the years).  Many pieces of mail we've received don't have a name on the return address at all.  So I think you can probably do what you like best and if you're concerned run it by your local mailman to make sure s/he won't have any issue delivering the RSVPs to you.

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    We stamped our envelopes with a stamp that says our first names with a heart between them and then our address. I really like the stamp and want to be able to use it after getting married too, so the first names seemed best.

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