Paper flowers? Real Mix?

We are having a very laid back wedding /reception I have found a supplier on etsy which sells beautiful handmade paper flowers. Would it look odd to mix paper flowers on guest tables and on main sweetheart table, dessert buffet and other non-guest table real flowers? The price is not the issue I just think its a waste of buying real flowers for 15 tables that will get thrown away. at least paper flowers you can save. Hmm any suggestions thoughts???

Re: Paper flowers? Real Mix?

  • I am doing the same thing and think it's a fabulous idea. I don't like silk flowers at all but since I am decorating an outdoor space I need lots and lots of flowers. I am not getting married for a year so I have had "flower making parties" with friends. My fav are hydrangea balls. They are foam balls covered with paper hydrangea petals in my color. Sooooo beautiful and they aren't even trying to look like real flowers. I am putting them in a large vase.
  • Do you have pics of the hydrangea balls? That sounds beautiful
  • We are doing paper flowers for our centerpieces, fabric for bridal bouquet, corsages and bouts.
    I like the idea of mixing in real flowers and if I go that route here is what my ADD brain has been thinking...
    They need to be similar colors but not similar style. They need to be completely different colors and styles so people don't think I'm trying to trick them. I can use real flowers on non guest tables but if I use them on sweetheart or bridal party tables, people might feel less important. I'll use all paper flowers, fabric ones for the bridal party and real flowers for parents and grandparents corsages.
    As you can tell, I need to narrow it down but maybe my wandering brain has given you a few ideas.
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