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wedding date 7/19/14??

I'm getting married 7/19/14 and would love to talk to anyone getting married then! Tips,ideas, advice etc! hope to talk soon!


Re: wedding date 7/19/14??

  • Me too! We've booked the venue (which includes the catering) and photographer, but haven't done much in a little while
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  • I have booked the venue and reception hall!! What are your colors ?
  • That is my son's date!  :)  They have booked the venue and caterer, but are having trouble finding a photog that isn't already booked!! 

    Colors are red, white, and blue - and it will be a casual affair.

    I've already started making little jars of strawberry jam for their favors.  :)

  • I haven't even thought about colors yet
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  • We have reception booked, checking out a ceremony location on the 25th. Venues are booking up fast. So exciting!
  • Finally got a photographer booked this week and the band!!  :D
  • That's my date so far I only have venue and the dress
  • That's the date I'm shooting for, but we'll see. My fiance are having a little trouble settling in to a new town. Unfortunately new jobs take priority over planning.
  • That's my date too! I have my venue, photographer, and dressed all picked!
  • That is our date too. Plan A can't be booked until after Oct. 1st, but we have a plan B in place. We are planning a Tahoe area wedding. Bought the dress last weekend.  
  • This is my date!  We just looked at venues this weekend and decided on one and putting down the deposit today:)  That is the extent of what I have done!  Our colors are going to be purple blue and green (doesn't sound like it goes together, but it looks good I promise!).  Just starting to look at everything else!
  • Im on the 21st. We will be leaving for Vegas on the 19th ;) so far ivr booked my venue ordered my dress. Still working on my bm dresses. Colors are bright pink and royal blue. Grooms tux will be white yeah white I know. So now we are scheduling our pics for our save the date magnets. Mob is putting together clip art for invites. I still need to get some under the dress stuffs the rings. What can I say im good at over planning. Let me know if u got questions I can help over plan your wedding too. Lol
  • Wow!  I thought I was so on the ball.  Little did I know I'm way behind!  I've only got the ceremony and reception site and a loft apartment above the site reserved for a bridal suite.  I haven't even begun to think about bm dresses:(  Heck, I haven't even asked my bridesmaids because my fiancee still hasn't decided how many groomsmen he wants!
  • I'm on the 14th! So far, we are about to book the venue this weekend and have finalized our color scheme. Other than that, I've been casually researching vendors but nothing crazy yet. I feel so behind now!!!!
  • I'm the 19th also. I have my venue, all ceremony and reception decor was DIY and finished (including faux flowers), have my dress, have BM's dresses and shoes picked out. I am going to make my own cake.  Needing to work on caterer, photographer, transportation, and all the guys' clothes. 
  • Wow at beauty Diy im impressed
  • Our date is July 19, 2014 too!  We got engaged on June 9, 2013. 

    So far, we have booked our venue, and photographer.  I bought a dress prior to selecting a venue, and I'm currently trying to sell it.  Once that happens, I'll restart the dress process!  Our engagement pictures are scheduled for October 3rd, and I am SO excited for them!!!
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    We will be getting married on July 19th too in Orlando,FL! We really wanted that date because it would be exactly one year after my fiance proposed and because the 19th has very special meaning to us. Both of our birthdays are on the 19th of different months and we met on January 19th. We're so excited to get married on the 19th too!

    We have a venue, caterer, photographer, and officiant booked so far! We've also taken our engagement photos too (my fiance hired the photographer to do our session the day he proposed!)
  • Hi everyone

    I feel way behind because I just booked my ceremony and reception site for the 19th yesterday!  I only got engaged two weeks ago so I haven't done anything else.  I guess I need to get started!!
  • I am also getting married on July 19 in Cleveland, Ohio. We have our ceremony site, reception site (including catering/bar), and photographer booked. I am now working on DJ. I have talked with the person about flowers and am going to look at dresses in the next few weekends. Getting engagement pictures in 2 weeks!! My mom has taken over decorations and has most of that done so we really have a lot bought or thought of.
  • I am getting married on July 19th as well. My fiance and just did our engagment photos last sunday. I am going to pick up my wedding dress next friday. We have our cake, ceremony, reception and dj and rental company booked. I am working on finalizing the bridesmaid look, reception centerpieces and transportation. But i have been engaged since New Years Eve 2013. So i have had a lot of time to get things accomplished.
  • I am getting married on 7/19/14, too! I have church and reception hall booked, limo, DJ, caterer, dress, colors, BMs and GMs, have started making flower girl dresses and pew bows/head table decor, booked florist, ordered cake, and have my photographer (and have done engagement pics)! I feel like we have done a lot but also still have tons to do. We are inviting about 350 people so lots of planning and budgeting. Anyone else in Illinois?
  • Another 7.19.2014er here! Just got engaged on 12/30/13, so it's a quick turn around for us (…though we knew we wanted to marry the summer of '14 before the official proposal so had some planning "ideas" in the works). We're having a very small (under 25) wedding with family on Flathead Lake in Montana. I thought the whole "small" thing would make it less stressful, but I've founding planning from afar (we live in CO) is anxiety making! That said, dress bought, photog booked, and hope to have the house secured this week (ceremony will take place in the back yard followed by reception dinner at a nearby lakeside restaurant). Can't wait!!
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  • We're getting married then too! Hard to believe how close it's getting!!
  • Me too! I wanted a summer wedding because I'm a teacher, so summer just makes sense. July 19th is exactly 1 1/2 years from when we became a couple. I originally wanted a June wedding, but now I love that we shared the 19th date with the January 19th we've been celebrating.
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    I am also getting married on 7.19.2014! At this point, I have my vendors booked and everyone is situated with their attire. Also, I sent all of my invitations and received my RSVP's back. So, now I am working on my final count. Unfortunately, some people do not believe in sending back a formal RSVP, so I am stuck calling those who haven't responded. I am having a 200 person wedding in Virginia. So, yea lol.... However, I am now getting the finishing touches for myself such as veil, under garments ect. All of this planning, I didn't buy much for myself other than my dress. Also, I haven't booked my honeymoon :( yet. Nonetheless, for all of the beautiful 7.19.2014 brides stay CALM, COOL & COLLECTED!!! This is literally my motto for the next 58 days!!!!
  • My date too!  Only 39 more days!!  I feel so far behind!!
  • My date too :) Two weeks, people!
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