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Fertility Tracking Apps for NFP

What apps do you ladies use for tracking your periods and fertility and what would you say are the pros/cons to the ones that you've tried?  I've used MyDays for a few years, but that was before I got married and needed to pay attention to anything beyond when my period was due to start.  It's okay, but I'm curious about which apps are your faves.  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Fertility Tracking Apps for NFP

  • I've used woman log forever and love it.
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  • Tami87Tami87 member
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    I use the free version of OvuView. I like that you can chose which symptoms to track (I do STM). I have the app set to TTA so and it tends to tell me I have less safe days than I really do so I don't always listen to the program and mainly use it just to track symptoms and chart. It has a wheel view where it lists what day you are on and estimated number of days to ovulation and next period. It has a symptoms tracking page, a calendar view and a chart view. I know the pay version allows you more customization as far as which rules you want the program to use to determine safe days but the free version is okay for my purposes.

    Main pluses for me are that I use my phone as an alarm and the program pop ups when my alarm goes off with enter your temp. Makes it easy to record in the morning when I am half asleep (especially on days when I get to go back to sleep after I take my temp). I also like the look of the program and ease of navigation.

    I haven't really used very many other apps. Tried doing fertility friend online but seemed geared towards TTC.
  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    I've used Fertility Friend for over 4 years (STM). It's easy and can be used for TTA. Just use their tool for charting and interpret yourself. They tell you when they think you are most fertile but claim to be used for TTC-only, bc they don't want to be held legally responsible for unplanned pregnancies.
  • I liked Lily when I used STM, but it's only available on iPhone.

    Another vote for OvuView, as it works for both STM and Billings.

    Also, if you're using Billings, there's nfpcharting.org (iPhone only, again) and ovulationmentor.org (online only, but REALLY helpful).



  • CycleProGo - free trial for CCL members. No, I'm not a vendor.
  • my fertility md

    It is the closest to creighton, with doctors that email you and discuss your questions.

    My friend is ready with a creighton app, but they won't allow it. 
  • I have (not officially, because it's not sanctioned and technically meant for Billings) used nfpcharting.org on my iPhone for several months. I know others do the same, even though, again, it is meant to go with Billings.

    Carrie, can you print your charts with My Fertility MD?  I just looked at it, and it seems promising, but I have been told by NaPro docs that people coming in with phone-only charts makes it hard for them to read on a medical level.

    Ugg. I wish there was just an official Creighton app. Dr. Hilgers' reluctance/constant rumors of an app drives me insane.
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  • I used Fertility Friend before I got pregnant. I noticed that it seemed geared towards TTC but I really like the info they ask you for when you are doing both temperature and CM. I plan on using it again after the baby is born unless I try one of the ones you ladies have recommended.
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  • I use nfcharting.org, I pay annually I think $20 and I can track on my phone
  • Thanks for all the responses!  I think that I'm going to download a few of these and see what I like best over the next couple of months.
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