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06/15 REVIEWS!!

11 am ceremony
The Chapel overall was perfect, all my guests were definitely impressed with the decor/ ambiance. Kristen was awesome to work with from the beginning. They allowed us to lay our rose petals down the aisle and bring in our own Unity candle .Hubby was 30 minutes early so at least one of us was on time, lol. He was able to speak with the Reverend before i was (and i wish i could think of his name but boy were we impressed) overall he was amazing. We chose a civil ceremony and his words were perfect. We also used his vows cus hubby wasn't prepared 100%. The only drawback was when they intruded into my bridle room and brought in the Chapel's photographer and introduced her and said she is my main photographer, when they knew damn well i hired my own and paid the outside vendor fee, they asked if she can take most of the picture's i said no my photographer Todd has it under control 90% of the time. And the employee's also told my guests they cannot record/ take pictures when i was told they will not state this to my guests being that i paid the outside vendor fee...  Overall it was worth every penny, and perfect for our budget. 

Beth & Sabrina are both sweethearts! We had a lunch reception from 12:15pm to 3:15pm. I was speechless when i walked into the reception, it blew me away and i almost cried. They were so creative and went above and beyond with the decorations i provided. And the cake table/candy buffet looked stunning! They even expanded our room into the Dicarlo room free of charge, which added the dance floor automatically. I owe them my life-lol. We had 50 guests & we would have been crammed in the Calabria room alone. Hubby was in shock, he had no idea it was going to turn out so nice, he was so proud of me for planning all of this from out of state. Our guests were very satisfied with the lunch buffet. We had a cash bar (and the bartender told us me & the groom get all of our drinks comped, best news all day, but we had about 3 each because there wasn't time to even remember to drink lol. We brought an ipod for music and  just playedon there speaker's, my cousin MC'd for us and he did a fabulous job w/o a mic. 3 hours was just the perfect amount if time. We had our first dance right after lunch, we combined our Father/daughter & mother/ son dance,  we did the garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting, and then opened the dance floor for about an hour (we did not have a money dance being that there were lot's of traveling expense's for our guests). We used the patio for a photoshoot but it was 105 degree's so that lasted about 15 minutes. They were in no hurry to get us out of there at 3:15 but we were drained and ready for a nap so we all left about 3:20 and the Maggiaano's team packed & cleaned up everything, again life saver's!! I picked up all the decor Monday and left the candy buffet behind cus Hubby said no more clutter back at our apmt lol and i was okay with that being that all the glassware totaled only $65.

We booked Todd for 4 hrs. He started 30 min before the ceremony and then followed up to Maggiano's for another 3 hours. He was on time and took over 800 picture's he said. He had lot's of idea's and didn't mind when we thru in our own suggestions. He is very down to earth and such a hard worker. I would hire him again in a heartbeat, i can barely wait 3 wks to see all the pictures!

We pre-registered and once we actually found the location (too many one way streets, it took us 10 minutes to find a parking spot) we were in and out in about 2 minutes. 

Ordered our two tier wedding cake over the phone. They only have 5 different models to choose from, so it was easy for us to choose. It looked beyond beautiful and tasted pretty darn good for a grocery store cake. The price was amazing also. They even upgraded the bottom tier from a 8 inch to a 10 inch (free of charge) because they didn't have the right size pans. I'm not sure if they deliver but my sister picked up the cake at 8am and dropped it off at Maggiano's.

All guys got fitted at there nearest location and they sent the tuxes to Vegas to be picked up two days before the wedding. The tuxes fitted perfect and did not need any final alterations. The only draw back was the employee's at the front desk were not so welcoming, but the girls in the back at pick up were fantastic and friendly. They even offer pick up service for a fee of $10 each rental. But we had time and energy to drop them off Sunday by 6pm. 

Non related wedding day...

MGM Grand A++++++++++
1 bdrm Tower Suite was out of this world! We were on the first level and it was awesome not having to locate an elevator every time we left. This is where we held the pre-bachlor/bachlorette parties thursday night and there was plenty of space for 12 people (but only room for about 6 people to sleep comfortably)

Stayed her Fri/Sat in a 2 bdrm suite, was perfect for getting ready day of and only 1.5 blocks from the Flamingo. We had a suite on the first floor right in front of the pool with a small balcony. They allowed us to check in early w/o a fee being that we were getting married. Plenty of space for our meet & greet pizza party on Friday night. We fit about 20 people comfortably, we shared this suite with 4 other family members. The casino and property is very quiet and low-key but we had fun and no noise complaints. 

Booked a regular room hoping they would upgrade us...but they did not care that we were on our Honeymoon lol hey at least we tried. This is the only hotel we actually fell asleep by the pool, i enjoyed there pool but not there pool side bloody mary's- disgusting!
-Mr. Lucky's pretty yummy all you can eat prime rib for $10.99 on sundays. 

Silverton Hotel Buffet/Gambling  A
Buffet is a can't go wrong, good variety here for $19.99 lunch. We all won here on Sunday

Southpoint Hotel Buffet/ Gambling  B+
Buffet was good. 

Club XS - A

Surender- A

Senor Frogs Cantina @ Treasure island- A
Danced the night away on saturday, there was a group of 15 of us we had the time of our lives. Played a good variety of music, but kinda strong/tasteless/expensive drinks. 

***If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Overall the entire wedding day flew by, and my advice for you upcoming brides is do not sweat the small stuff, just enjoy it all. Honestly think about what is most important and what you will remember 20 years from now. I'm very happy with how everything turned out, we went a little over budget but overall you would think we spent more then we did for the way everything turned out. Do not forget all the time needed to run errands/check in, etc; i did not think that would take up so much time, and driving around a car full of buzzed people trying to accomplish these errands is a headache! But i would not take any of it back at all, it was our best Vegas trip ever and i will cherish all the memories. I am so happy with choosing Vegas as our destination Wedding we couldn't be happier. 

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Re: 06/15 REVIEWS!!

  • Awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!!! Congratulations again!

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  • Congratulations! So happy to hear everything was perfect :) I wish you all the best!!! Now I need pics LOL

  • Congrats! Glad it went well!
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  • Congratulations!!!

    I have a question about the logistics for Men's Warehouse in Vegas... how much extra did it cost to have the suits sent out there? And, how far is it from the strip? We are still up in the air about how large our wedding party will be, it really depends on how many of our close friends attend. I've been wondering what the best way to do the guy's rentals would be.. locally, and just fly with it (but is it $$$ to have a 5+ day rental?), or in Vegas. Thanks!
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  • Thanks! 
    There were no additional fee's to have the measurement's sent to Vegas. Also we picked them up on Thursday and returned them Sunday afternoon for no additional fee's. Also if you have 5 or more rental's the Groom will receive a free suit rental if you need 1 for another night out there. The Twain location is very easy to get to and its about 2 miles off of the Strip. 
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  • Thank you!
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  • Great reviews, thanks!  Glad to hear you had such a great day, congratulations.
  • final touche's...The reverend's name at Silver Sky Chapel was David Leslie. The Men's Warehouse we picked up the tuxes from was on Twain
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