Peonies in October?

Hello! Our wedding is in October 2014 and for my bridesmaid's bouquets I am having sunflowers but then for my bouquet I wanted a little bit of color so I want sunflowers, peonies (preferably the salmon colored ones with yellow in the middle), and peach dahlias. I have been in touch with many florists in the NJ area and they all say the sunflowers and dahlias are no problem, but the peonies they won't be able to do.

I went on google to see if it truly was impossible to get the flower I have my heart set on, but I found a few distributors who have peonies in stock year round and can ship them to you (a little pricey, but worth it!).

This got me wondering a few things - why can't the florists order from the wholesalers a couple of stems and use them in my bouquet? Are they being lazy, or is it truly not worth it to do?

Has anyone had a fall wedding and used peonies? Or does anyone know a florist in the Central NJ area who would be able to get these flowers for me?



Re: Peonies in October?

  • As far as florists in the NJ area, it's best to go to your local board. Find the NJ board under "local boards" and ask there.

    I have 2 lovely peony bushes next to my driveway. They started blooming about 2 weeks ago, and have continued to provide me with lovely blooms every day, maybe 2-3 new ones to cut daily. There are more buds on it, which will provide me with more flowers over the next 2-3 weeks. I have had a garden for over 30 years and know my flower's bloom times.

    Peonies are like lilacs, they bloom in a window of a few weeks in May or June. They don't re-bloom. I'm sure some hot houses run by professional growers somewhere have figured out how to recreate Mother Nature's timing inside. That's why it's expensive.

    If you can find them online from mass producers/wholesalers in October, then ask a local florist to do so as well. I think the issue is that the prospect is so "iffy" that they don't want to guarantee you they will have them. You could use garden roses which while not as large, are fully ruffled depending on the type.

    Good luck.

  • I'm in the process of meeting with florists, and wanted peonies for my late March wedding.  Most florists I've met with have told that they are only available in late May-June, and January (from the southern hemisphere and twice the price).  I did have another florist in Bergen County tell me that she can get almost any kind of flower at any time during the year.  If you want her info, send me a PM.  
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  • From what I've understood peonies only bloom in the late spring/early summer timeframe and the majority of florists cannot get them any other time during the year.  If they say they can, you're going to be paying mucho dinero for them.  Like Sue-N-Kevin I'd suggest looking in to other blooms that are similar in look to peonies, talk to your florist..they should be able to give you suggestions.  If they can't..find another one who will.
  • Thank you everyone for all of your help!
  • Hi,
     i. too have found peonies available for October delivery... at $400.00 for 80 stems, not including delivery! You can not expect a small florist to absorb the cost of purchasing that amount so you can have "a few stems" in your bridal bouquet. As with berries,cherries and peaches, peonies have a season, and October isn't included.
    As for the florist's being lazy...I doubt they would turn down business if they could help you, so don't take it personally. Take the advise of the florist and their knowledge of the product and be a bit more flexible.
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