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incorporating love of movies

So our relationship basically started with movies. Every date we went on was a movie, and it's really the same way. I don't want an "oscar" or full movie themed wedding, but I did want to incorporate it into the reception somehow and think it could be good conversation starters.

I was thinking that each table would have it's own movie and why it's featured (like first chick flick we went to or favorite cartoon, etc.) The "style" of the wedding is vintage/elegant rustic, and the colors are coral, mint-ish and gold (mostly accents). There will be gold painted framed chalkboards throughout as well. 

I guess I just want see if this clashes? it's an idea I've always liked and wanted to somehow incorporate, but if it's too much then maybe I need to drop it? I was really thinking base it off the seating place cards escort cards so it's just a random thing at the table.

Any ideas? 

Re: incorporating love of movies

  • I like naming the tables after movies that you've gone to.  If you have a photo booth you can see if you can fill it with some props from some of the movies as well.  And I hear that renting a popcorn maker is a possibility now - would that also work with a movie theme?  Just small touches are a good idea with this kind of theme. 

  • Your ideas don't clash. I think it's adorable to incorporate something you love into your wedding.

    I also like the popcorn maker idea.

  • Well, I am not a fan of table-naming schemes, but the popcorn maker sounds great.
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    my fiance and i are also into movies (we actually met at a film festival) but we're doing a beach wedding, so we're not really into doing a full movie-themed wedding.

    one of the subtle things i thought of is incorporating movie soundtracks from our favorite movies. will actually be marching down the aisle to the soundtrack of Cinema Paradiso. it's very subtle, but it's something most of our guests would immediately recognize since most of them are independent filmmakers/artists.
  • Old movie stars in black white.

    The names of the movies you have seen written in gold on a mirror frame..can be a classic touch as well.

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    You could put a mini director's clapboard on each table with the table number...instead of doing full movie themes on each table. Prop them up on little easels, use chalk on them to mark the table number. plus, if you have a photo booth...folks could use them in the photo booth to write you and your husband a small "message" of good wishes.
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