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How Many Mondays?!

How many until your big day ladies?!

How was everyone's weekend?

We finally got our boat out for the first time so mine was amazing :) have a great day ladies!

Re: How Many Mondays?!

  • Meg- I was at the beach yesterday (just for a walk) and was so envious of the people on their boats! lol!  I actually contemplated getting one for myself :-p

    I finally got to see The Great Gatsby this weekend!!  So well done in my opinion, I LOVED it!
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  • No more mondays! yay :) I like being an old married

    We finally managed to watch some movies this weekend:
    Warm Bodies (zombie "romance") - I went in with absolutely no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised! It was super cute and funny and didn't take itself seriously at all. 

    Django - I went in with semi-high expectations. Granted, I'm not a huge Tarantino fan but his movies are usually at least a little bit interesting. I really like the story and there were parts of the movie I love but it was SO LONG and SO VIOLENT. I seriously did not need to see half the scenes with people getting attacked by dogs, shot up, whipped, etc. Overall I liked it but I had to leave the room a couple of times and was checking my email/facebook by the end waiting for it to be over.

    Next up: Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Superman, World War Z
  • I have no idea how many Monday's we've been married, but we celebrated 2 months of marriage on Saturday. Nothing special - just got some self-serve frozen yogurt. And then went on a random double date with hubby's eye doctor! 
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  • Welcome to the Old Married life Sara! Lol!

    Warm Bodies- didn't do it for me...I mean yea, it was fun to watch and wasn't serious at all...but I ended up not even finishing it :-\

    Django- I am not a fan of Tarantino either, but I thought this movie was great!  I agree many scenes were a bit much, but I appreciated the film as it was.  The length didn't really bother me.

    Ugh, you have to tell me what you thought of World War Z...I am so not interested, but would like to hear your opinion of it, lol!

    Is your hubby a huge fan of Iron Man?  You have to share his opinion of that one, a fan, my hubby enjoyed it, but felt it disappointed in some ways :-p

    Oh, and I thought Man of Steel was GREAT!
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  • Hubby (how great is it to say that?!?) is a huge Iron Man fan so we'll see what he thinks. I've heard from others that they were disappointed too. 

  • I know its 24 ish or something like that.

    Sara I have not seen warm bodies but I did Star Trek and loved it.  But I am a really huge nerd, I cried during the first one in 09 and cried during this one but only once hehe 
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  • 51?
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