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Must Have Photo Shots

Please share your must have photo shots for your wedding!

Re: Must Have Photo Shots

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    I was wondering the same myself. I've been looking at pictures online for ideas...a few I've seen have been playing off of my veil type pictures...the kiss on the forehead...things like that. I'm spending alot on the venue and since it's very pretty I wanted to play off of it as much as I could so what I did was I look online for pictures specifically taken at that same venue to get ideas of where I should take pictures in-doors (my wedding is in the winter). Also, speaking to your photographer will help. Any professional photographer should ask you or even give you a list of "must have" photos so you can check off which are priority. Their lists consist of pics with the parents....siblings...etc. It's their duty to pull you aside to take these pictures. If not, you and your husband will be wrapped up in the fun and afterwards realize you didn't get a good family or friend shot. Other than that, hopefully your photographer will capture special moments when your not looking. :) The unplanned ones are usually the best!
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