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Good Morning friends. I don't normally post negative things but today is the day I reveal the most unprofessional, unethical photographer of ALL times. Caroline Johnson photography. Grant & I got married last year on Feb. 18th 2012 and we still have yet to recieve our wedding album. Yeah, that's right people. It's now June 2013. We paid a small fortune to Caroline Johnson and she simply stole our money and our memories of that day. Unbelievable and from what I hear I am not the only one she has done this to. All we would get were excuses EVERY time and then no calls or emails were returned and text messages went unanswered for months at a time. Funny thing is she damn sure didn't forget to charge my debit card though! She was PAID IN FULL for thousands and I mean thousands of dollars before the wedding even occurred. Never in a million years did I expect this to happen. I can't believe she can sleep at night knowing she has done this to us. I chose her bc she takes amazing photos and I knew her from my spa and thought so highly of her. Just goes to show you never know who you can really trust and research is a must. Didn't think I needed o do that with her. Now it's legal action time because we have had enough. I think 16 months is more than enough time to get a wedding album and pictures back. She promised us Jan 31st of this year she would have it to us in 7 weeks...yeah right! Still waiting. So do yourselves a favor and DON'T EVER use Caroline Johnson as your photographer bc she has no problem screwing you over.#unethical#thief#liar#truefacts

Re: Caroline Johnson Photography

  • I'm sorry this is happening to you. You might want to post this on your local board to give others in your area the warning.


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