Wedding Invitations & Paper


We are planning to invite our entire church (about 200 people) to both the ceremony and the reception. Other church members who have done this have posted an announcement in our church bulletin; this would be my preference as this will save a lot of money on invitations (we will still send invites to those who we are closer to). The problem is how to get RSVPs to the reception since we would not be sending out invitations/response cards to everyone. Thoughts?


  • It's fine to leave an announcement in the bulletin but you really should send out formal invitations to anyone invited. It is not appropriate to send invites to some and not others. Formal invitations make your RSVP question a non-issue.

    You can find very affordable invitations at Walmart, target, micheals, hobby lobby, and vistaprint.
  • Send invitations with a reply card and stamped envelope. Try Vistaprint for cheap invitations.
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