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Happy Sunday!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  Anyone get any wedding/home projects done?

I had a pretty busy weekend, but it was good.  Looking forward to working next week...only 3 days!!!  Should be fairly quiet, too! :-D
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Re: Happy Sunday!

  • My best friend got the invitations out for the bridal shower and gave me a few extra to send in case I forgot some!.  She designed them herself and they are wonderful.  Besides that I am getting our engagement photos from the photographer so I can print them and do wonderful things. 

    The only home projects I have going is cleaning.  Pete and I are trying to go through all of the stuff we have shoved in our tiny bedroom and getting rid of things.  We have been putting it off for a long time and hopefully we can get organized 

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  • Awesome, Amber!  Any chance you would share a photo of the invitations for the shower?  Sorry if you had shared them before, I may have missed that post.

    I totally understand putting off that sort of project.  I have a desk where lots of papers are just shoved into and I've been trying to organize everything into folders.  So far I've gotten 3 folders done in the last month or about procrastination!
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  • Sure I will take a picture soon and post it up! 
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