I love my florist - Whimsical Welcomes.

I love my florist - Leslie from Whimsical Welcomes.  She has such great and different ideas and will work with all budgets.  If you're looking for a really creative and helpful florist check out her Wedding  Flower Show and Cocktail Party at Bolingbroke Mansion on July 21st from 5:00 - 7:00 PM.  She'll be displaying centerpieces, ceremony flowers, and cocktail table flowers.  She was giving at really nice discount for new brides at the last show she did so maybe she'll do it again.  She'll talk about budgeting for flowers and give you lots of ideas.  Someone is also talking about matching wine and cheese and there will be lots of samples.  Jennifer Childress Photography will be there too.  There is more information at Leslie's website and you can register there.  She also has tons of pictures on her blog.  She's really worth talking to.

Re: I love my florist - Whimsical Welcomes.

  • Leslie was my florist too and I also loved her.  She did a fantastic job and saved me lots of money!  I highly recommend her!  Even though she does set up a lot of samples at a meeting, her flower show would be a great opportunity to get a feel for how she works.  She always thinks up ideas that other florists don't so a show of her flowers should be really interesting.
  • Does anyone know if she's doing any more shows? How much did you spend on your flowers and what did you get?
  • I answered your other post too. Yes she's doing another show in November.  I recently got an email about it.  I went to a couple of them and she gives you a lot of really good information plus her flowers are beautiful  You should go!  The information should be on her website -  and she posts it on her Whimsical Welcomes page on Facebook too!  She usually gives away a gift certificate at her shows too.
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