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Looking for vintage car rental in New Hampshire

I'm not sure if there is anyone here who can help, but my fiance is a big car enthusiast and we are looking to rent a car to take away after the reception and I would REALLY love to surprise him with a great vintage car rental.  The only one that we have been able to find is a Rolls Royce at Grace Limousine Company in Manchester, NH and it just didn't give him (or myself frankly) the WOW factor! So I figured I would reach out to others to see if anyone knows anyone or anywhere that I should look into.  Our wedding is September 27, 2014 so I still have some time but would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide.  We are paying for the wedding ourselves so the cheaper the better (but I do realize what I am asking for so I certainly am willing to pay). 

Thanks in advance to anyone able to provide me with some assistance.  I would really LOVE to give him this little surprise on our wedding day :)


Re: Looking for vintage car rental in New Hampshire

  • I have only found one website that offers exotic cars  . I don't think that is what you are looking for thought. I am curious though what grace limosine quoted you on the rolls royce we are looking to rent one for after our recpetion as well.  Thanks!
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  • Thanks. I will definitely be checking out that website as you are the first person to be able to provide me with any feedback yet and I really appreciate that.  Grace Limo quoted us about $450 for a 2 hour rental.  I would be happy to pay it, but we went on the website and looked at the pictures and it just didn't give either one of us the WOW we were looking therefore the search continues... ;)  Thanks for the tip though and I wish you luck in your wedding as well.  If you find anything else I would really appreciate it if you could pass it along. :)  Thanks again Shannie
  • Check They are based out of North Conway and offer vintage and antique car rentals
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