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I hear lots of folks raving about how much they love their Stand Mixer, and I'm trying to decide if I should register for one.  I do like to cook but I don't bake (especially large batches) all that frequently- it is just me and FI, it's not like we can eat 9 dozen cookies (or whatever KitchenAid says you can make with it on their website!)

What do you love to do with your Stand Mixer, that you couldn't do with a hand held?  Thanks!

Re: Stand Mixer

  • I haven't used mine yet, but one thing I can tell you is that a good stand mixer should last you for many years.  Even if you don't bake very much, it will come in handy whenever you do.  We registered for one, but no one bought it.  I ended up buying one a few months ago for dirt cheap through a combination of sale + discount for having a store CC + a MIR. 

    It would be handy if you like to bake large batches of cookies for the holidays, or for bake sales or birthday parties if/when you have kids.

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  • itzMSitzMS member
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    We registered for one. No one bought it. We haven't missed it yet.

    I don't bake anymore, as DH doesn't like sweets. When we make things like mashed potatoes, it's convenient enough to just use a hand-mixer.

    If you do bake or make bread, I could see it as an awesome thing to have.

  • Mashed potatoes

    shredded meat (pork, chicken, etc)

    whipped cream


    those are the only non-baking ones I can think of.

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  • I use my stand mixer even if I'm only making a small batch of cookies or something. It's convenient to have the bowl attached and it mixes everything so much faster. Also, depending on how much you cook there are some really neat attachments you can get for it like pasta makers and ice cream makers. I used to bake all the time, but now I only use it a few times a year and I still love it. I don't even bother with hand mixers.
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    itzMS said:

    We registered for one. No one bought it. We haven't missed it yet.

    I don't bake anymore, as DH doesn't like sweets. When we make things like mashed potatoes, it's convenient enough to just use a hand-mixer.

    If you do bake or make bread, I could see it as an awesome thing to have.

    We didn't even register for one and I still have not even thought once of when I would need a $250+ mixer. If I'm making large batches of cookies or breads, I just use my hands or a whisk or potato masher to mix everything. Never had a problem. 
  • I LOVE my stand mixer, but baking is my passion.  The only thing I can think of I use it for that might count as not baking is kneading bread/pizza dough.  There are various attachments you can get (none of which I currently have, so I can't say how good they are) for things like making pasta, grinding meat, etc if any of that appeals to you.  As others have said, hand mixers are really only good for light duty - they're not as powerful and can burn out easily.
  • I love mine and am so glad we have one, even though I don't bake much. I often use it to mix meat for meatballs, to shred chicken, make mashed potatoes or "mashed potato cauliflower". It should also last you forever (my mom has had hers almost 30 years).
  • A stand mixer is the one item I'd really like to get when we get married. I've used my Mom's a lot when I'm at her house - now, I'm a big baker (cookies and bread mostly) but it's also great for mashed potatoes, whipped cream and meringue, marshmallows, etc. Not to mention, some of the attachments (ice cream maker, pasta maker, meat grinder etc) are pretty awesome, if you'll use them (as opposed to having separate electronics for each of those functions).
  • I went to school for a while for culinary arts and baking - So I do a lot of cooking and baking.  I have never owned a stand mixer, and I did not register for one. 
  • We put it on our registry because its the "it" thing to have on, but also feeling that we would never use it. Well, we got it & we use it all the time. I use it for cookies, bread, homemade pretzels, pizza dough, & shredding chicken. Yes, it shreds chicken. It's will use it and love it. 
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  • Thanks everyone for your advice! I went ahead and added it to my registry, I guess I will see if somebody actually buys it!
  • My cheapy college hand mixer has been handling mashed potatoes just fine (but we tend to use a hand masher first and then the mixer just to get them fluffy).  My FI's cheapy mixer died while I was making rugelach so I dying to get a nice mixer since I really enjoy baking.  If didn't bake I would not feel I really needed one (I also have no strong desire for an ice cream maker/pasta maker/meat grinder/any of the fancy attachments).  I think the cook's equivalent of a stand mixer would be a good food processor.  We love our little mini one and use it for a lot more than I expected we would.
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    I honestly wish we had registered for one.  They're too expensive for us to afford right now.  Right now, I'm making cheesecake with a hand mixer which is really annoying and splatters.  You can also use it for whipping cream, making mashed potatoes, mixing a cake.  Pretty much anything that involves mixing that you don't want to mix by hand.

    ETA: I see you already decided to add it.
  • I have gone through SIX hand mixers in the past 5 years...  and they were decent hand mixers!   I finally got my stand mixer a few months ago and I love it.
  • Do I use my stand mixer every day?  No.  Is it a huge help when I have to do baking around the holidays or for company? YES.
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  • I have a cheap stand mixer from Walmart and I love it.  I don't use it all of the time but it's a huge help when I need it.
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  • We registered for one and got it. I love it! I've been married 2 months and have used the mixer at least 15 times. Ours is aqua sky. Such a beautiful color!
  • doeydodoeydo member
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    My mom has a Kitchenaid stand mixer, it is wonderful.  Register for one, you won't regret it and you can use it for everything.
  • I use mine for meatballs, pasta dough, bread dough, and short bread cookies(5 dozen half Doller sized cookies)
  • It's also helpful for making gnocchi.

  • Stand mixers are great to have!  I actually have a kitchen aid hand me down from my Aunt.  She bought it for her boys when they were born to do cookies and stuff.  Her oldest is now 26 and the mixer is still in amazing condition.  The thing is a beast and just wont quit.

    I use it probably at least 3 times a week.  My favorite I recently discovered is shredding chicken.  I'll throw chicken in and a couple minutes later have perfectly shredded chicken.  The shredding meat trick has changed our work nights dinners!  I've also used attachments to shredd cheese/veggies and grind meat donated from hunter friends, I've made bread, and of course baked with it.  Downside mine takes up counter space I would like to have, but that's because I don't have pantry space for it. 

    If anyone is looking to buy one, a few friends have gotten there's pretty cheap at Kohls.  Using store coupons plus cash back around black friday deals they've gotten some great deals.

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