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Tell 'Em Tuesday

good morning. 

it's 7:42, I'm talking to the cashier at the dunkin donuts:
he: good morning, how can I help you
B:  good morning, I'd like a medium tea, sweet, milk on the side
he {turns to Beverage CEO}  medium tea, sweet, milk on the side
Beverage CEO:  we have creamers on the side
B:  thanks, I saw them, I asked for milk {{b's thought bubble: awdayumready. here we go}}
he: {scans my phone card} thank you if you step to the side your tea's coming out in a second.
B:  {steps to the side} thank you
Beverage CEO:  here you go
B:  {opens lid}  thank you.
B:  this is coffee, I asked for tea
he:  sorry {turns to beverage CEO} she asked for tea
Beverage CEO: {stage sigh} because at this point, I'm bothering her
Beverage CEO: {handing me new cup}  sorry, here you go
B:  no problem, thanks {opens lid}
B:  there's no suga....you know what, never mind.  have a great day. 
Beverage CEO:  {points yonder} sugar and cream are on the side over there
B:  {shoots her a madea}

she's *in charge* of drinks.  she doesn't ring up orders, she don't fugg with donuts or other edibles, the complexity of her day involves whether or not your beverage is hot or cold, whether its coffee or tea and what you'd like in it.  total investment time:  8 minutes.  I missed the 7:51.   America, I'm frightened to death for your future.   /fin.

Witcha chest.  Geaux!

Re: Tell 'Em Tuesday

  • tirathemrstirathemrs
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    edited July 2013
    sultryzulu OK OK OK HOLE UP I CANT BREAVE LMAO @ U LOL LOL I swear u need to come to MIAMI so we can hang, i probably would be cracking up all dayum day LOL


    Dear Mr Man,

    O how I MUST LOVE YOU to put up with your funny ways....soooo now you want to change the date yet again huh???? HMMMMM ok ill admit its a few things i want us to have and we got time so ok ill roll with this (no time for arguing or fussing)..You have picked a new date and confirmed that this is what you want! Lets see how this is gonna go...SMH LORD THIS MAN OF MINE PLEASE BLESS HIS LIL HEART!!!


    Dear Little Boy of mine,

    Mommy only needs you to be in bed by 830 so mommy can get some rest and i cant wait until you get old enough to get your own milk and cereal LOL GEESH ((MOMMY MOMENTS GOTTA LUV'EM)) I SWEAR MY ENERGY IS TOOO LOW U.O.E.N.O...lol



    Leave me alone and stop emailing me what needs to be done....i am off tomorrow until monday so guess wont get done today!!! That is all!!!!!


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  • LeciaBLeciaB
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    edited July 2013

    @sultryzulu... dang the struggle is extra real a dunkin'.

    @misstira...bol.. @ the mister.. and dang...my little buddy said he is not ready for bed @ 830 and the cereal taste so much better when you make it..lol


    Dear girl that sat next to me at church,

    Thank you for sharing with everyone that you are sick and felt something coming on... and A really big thanks for giving it to me.. :/ i love be congested its like my favorite next to my nose running..

    Dear Supervisor,

    Yea.. I gave you my leave slip yesterday morning... but I am going to need that back or not.. it doesnt matter because I am leaving early today and tomorrow whether you give that sheet back or not...

    sincerly.. this girl that is tryin to get the heck up out of this wack  department

    Dear MTV,

    let tonights episode of cathfish be awesome tonight considering it comes on past my bedtime..


    Dear Sweet Baby Jesus,

    Please let me find some engery to work out , do cardio, not get fat and fit in to my wedding dress.. amen


    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Dear FSILs (twins),

    Your 19 years old and you want to pretend your grown but you haven't communicated to the other bridesmaids that you need a ride to the bachelorette party that you are co hosting. Instead you call your brother and whine about it. Don't nothing about this scream grown woman when you wait 3 days before the party to communicate that you don't have a ride. I'm not driving 2 hrs to come get y'all on MY day. Hell naw. You can't find a way, well damnit don't come!


    P.S. I'm probably also not in the mood to come get y'all because despite me asking for an up do for the wedding you have went with the exact same hairstyle I am having.
  • @sultryzulu LMBO!!!! I'm dying laughing LOL!!! @misstira we are on the same page with the little boys today LOL. My child decides he's not going to bed until 9 last night. He has learned to climb in and out of bed. So from 7:30-9:00 I had to chase this little boy around the house. Every time I put him in the bed he jumps out and runs around .Seriously I don't want to run around and chase you all night. Monday is Mommy's ratchet TV night (I know I'm so bad). And sweet child of mine, we are in the middle of moving so food options are minimal right now. So it's oatmeal for breakfast or nothing at all. So I guess we will be sitting here for a few more minutes until you decide to eat this oatmeal and I dare your daddy to bring McDonald's in here for breakfast because I refuse to let you have your little way.It's not happening buddy and I'm not in the mood!! I've heard of the terrible two's but it seems this little boy has hit them mighty early. 

    Dear Mr.Man, 
    We are getting ready to take this long drive to VA from IL.I pray we arrive safely, but I'm really not for your catching your little attitudes you get every time we travel home. I don't wanna hear anything about my driving.I don't feel like you complaining about the dog because if it was up to me they would stay in IL because lately I'm not to fond of them. So let's make this a great trip with no arguing and fussing because really ain't nobody got time for that I'm already not looking forward to this drive. 

    Dear Mama,
    I will get there when I get there. So please stop calling me every other hour asking have you left yet.The answer was NO the other 45 times you called. I know you are concerned, but your grandchild will be there just calm down!! When I hit the highway I will call you and let you know we have left.

    And finally I think I go to the slowest unorganized university in the country. I was so blessed you all extended my scholarship for this summer so that's money I didn't have to come out of the pocket with plus I get a monthly salary for the summer but the fact that I signed my contract 3 weeks ago and my tuition is still not paid and I did not get paid yesterday is a great cause for concern. For the 3 years I have attended this university you all have nothing together, someone is not doing their job and I really hate to get out of character and tell you all how I feel about you all. Can I just have my degree already? I am just too through with the shenanigans you all pull every year.  MAY 2014 PLEASE HURRY!!! 
  • @LeciaB I'm so ready for Catfish I hope whatever hotel we are in has MTV or I'm going be HOTT!!! Did you see it last week? Wasn't that some mess?? LOL 
  • leatbaleatba
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    @LeciaB @drmass2013 I always tell myself I'm not gonna watch, but be tuned in and giving folks the evil eye if they bothering me.
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  • edited July 2013
    @ T - you wanna know the silly part?  I'm church mouse quiet in person all my foolishness and mayhem is on paper.  lol!  I do love miami though.  The one time I was there I looked just like a tourist because I took my flip flops off and walked on the beach.   bayyybeee? I fasthopped my ass alllll the way back to my towel.  Say all that to say I got nerdom on lock in person.

    Um you and meek?  ya'll need spankings, time outs and dvr in yalls lives.  I started to say naughty chair or as my jamaican girlfriend would say it nah-tee-cheer. lol.  meek said food options. que? {{necksnap}} don't act like you weren't raised by a black woman.  finish this phrase "eat this or........."     

    that's right.  lol.

    leesh, that girl was trying to redirect how I take my shyt!  hayles yeah the struggle is real.  LOL!!!

    I'm giggling at ya'll and catfish.  these damn kids. who has a {use your airquotes} relationship with somebody they've never met?  i'm dying. lmao!

    Pammy where have you BEEN.  guh we could've been solved your teenager problems.  the chinese bus is $19 each way. 

    Dear VH1,

    The bitchassery and straight up fool mess?  MORE PLEASE!  lol!!   btw Rasheeda you need to call Jacoby & Meyers to get that nuccah outchyo place eee.mmeeee.deeee.ately.  skankery and carryin on in the hottub?  necro you have officially died.  lol!

  • sultryzulu....IDK u need to come so we can hit the beach hun-ty....im sure we would still have a ball!!!

    And i forgot to say this...........

    Dear BET

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing back THE GAME which will have my attention tonight....SCREAMING......i cant wait!!!


    drmass2013....GIRLLLL them tantrums get no better, they get smarter and we are looking at them like where did he get this from LOL....My lil man is a early riser and late night player, I tell him all the time to please go to bed, please go to bed POOH, Mommy love you GOODNIGHT and 10 mins later here he come cuz his finger hurt or in his words "MY TUMMY RUMBULLING" Lord Lord I KEEP SAYING Y DID I WAIT SO LATE TO HAVE KIDS....SMH

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • LMAO @sultryzulu....Spankings and pops do happen over here but this little boy was on his super bad ass ish last night and thought he was made of teflon or something because my pops didn't matter. And about the options ummm let's say I said something that wasn't too nice and I just cleaned it up for the board lol. And as for Rasheeda and Kirk his bald headed sorry a** would've been out the door when he said get rid of it and really he would've gotten some RBIs (Really Bad Injuries) when he said get a blood test..like really?!!! And Joseline....really you think Stevie is going put a ring on it..I just can't with these fools but it damn sure makes for good entertainment!!

    @leatba...I said I was going stop but I'm hooked!!! What makes it worse is my little sister will call and tell me to watch and I try to fight sleep to stay up lol. But those people are some straight fools like really this chick was engaged to someone she never met who does these things?!! But as long as they wanna act like fools I will continue to keep watching lol
  • @drmass2013 Your mama sound like my mama. It can definitely be annoying. Especially when I know I'm running late, so she calling to see if I left like I said I was gonna do. Lol.
  • Dear God, Puleeeze give me strength to carry on during this wedding countdown. I am trying to get things done early so I don't have to worry bout the small stuff later. Also, please grant me patience to deal with "church folk" on our your trip to the water park in the next few weeks because if one of those fast tail HEFFAS show up improperly dressed for a church trip, I'm gonna loose everything you have taught me thus far....... Signed, Dey O.E.N.O it!!!
    Wedding Countdown Ticker Simply Fabulous!
  • Dear who ever you are that tried using my debt card nice try the bank caught your behind you will not be shopping @ Walmart on my dime today. just sucks it's holiday week and I now have no debit card because of you and I'm going on vacation on Sunday and they new card won't be here in time. thanks a lot.

    Dear. Doctor at my job that I don't even work for no I didn't get those RVU's for you because you can very well figure it out yourself or how about try asking the coder that actually works for you. and I don't care that your going away for 11 days and want to know before you leave. people in hell want ice water.

    ok this was my first Tell 'Em Tuesday and it felt good lol


  • @misstira...Lord give me strength we got a long way to go he's only 15 months!! He usually goes to bed around 8 which is cool but last night he wasn't having it. And now we are heading back East I feel I'm going to be in for it with the time zone change and my mama and them letting him get his little way. These tantrums I just ain't got time for it and I'm like where in the world did he get this mess from!! 

    @pam8787.. It's so annoying and I'm like Mama I'm coming from 800 miles away it's not like I'm down the street chill out and we will see you when we see you.And I don't need you telling me the weather in every state we go through there's an app for that!! LOL 

     @MsBryant2555  Doesn't it feel good to get it all off your chest!! I know how you feel about that debit card situation it sucks!!!  Three days before Christmas my FI's bank mailed his debit card to the wrong address these  SOBs figured out the pin number and made over $3000 in charges!!! Our stupid bank didn't even alert us until we called  and were like where's the card and they were like you activated it and  you made a $1500 purchase at Best Buy yesterday and blah blah blah. We were heated!!!!!  Our accounts were frozen which means we couldn't get any money and we were stuck in IL for Christmas which sucked. But their butts got charged with larceny and we got our money back. Glad your bank caught it one reason we had to close accounts with the credit union..horrible customer service.
  • @drmass2013 doesn't that suck this is actually the 3rd account in the past year that has been hacked with different banks I'm wondering why me.

    yes this did feel good to let it out.

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