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What is everyone planning on doing for food at their reception?

I'm trying to keep my cost low and this is the most expensive aspect I've run into. I got my dress for $275, venue for $300, and my photographer is free. But all these caterers what $15/per person and with 50 people..thats around 2k! I would love to do a simple BBQ with a family member manning the grill, but in January that seems a little crazy. 

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    Yeah, I am doing a lunch buffet. For 75 people, I am spending about $2600. It is the biggest cost of my wedding, but I think it is worth it. We are doing salad, rolls, chicken, mac and cheese, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. 
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    We are having a late night wedding to help keep costs down and are just doing snacks and stuff. Although I am thinking about incorporating a popcorn bar. What are your thoughts about that? I've never seen one so I'm not sure how well the guests would like it.
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    A popcorn bar sounds like fun! We are doing a sweets bar because he loves candy and i love brownies, cookies, you name it. haha.
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    I am also having a lunch reception, but right now I'm at $20/pp.  I plan to negotiate them down to $17/pp.  It is going to be butternut squash soup, potatoes, choice of chicken or roast beef, and veggies. 
    I'm also one of these crazy people who has decided to bake a lot for my own wedding, so for my "coffee hour" I'm going to be providing most of the food myself.  That will cut costs a bit, but time-wise it might be a bit stressful. 

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